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Let me work for you before you pay

I joined Fiverr newly and have two creative writing gigs which I consider very attractive. But I can’t really be my own judge. Plus, I need to establish trust before even you can agree to part with that $5. So now, I have an idea: to provide the gigs to anyone who really needed them and only after that, if you TRULY think my output is worth it, you post-order it.

Just check out the gigs and contact me with your details (as required) and I will write and deliver to you. I hope this is allowed out here. I’ve been thinking of doing it, but have been wondering if it was allowed (not every law is in black-and-white). My commonsense was telling me that Fiverr might think this inappropriate being that they are in it for the money, until I saw someone else who has done it and was not rebuked.