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Let s make biggest Fiverr Facebook Group ever made


Yea Facebook is heart of marketing that is what alot of people think.And i made group so what are you waiting join now!

If you invite 20 friends you will get free advertise of your gig on this group.



The link doesnt work.

Wait what? Facebook, that’s not a facebook link, are you trying to hack us or something?


Anyway, I don’t think most people will join your group if they have to invite 20 friends, infact, friends will not just join the group because of an invitation, propably they will not even see it, so you’re not going to get any biggest fiverr facebook group.


what is wrong with fiverr he change url … sorry



Off Fiver links are not allowed.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: I posted a youtube link of a video I made explaining an issue on the Fiverr facebook, and I was told to post it on the forum because links are not allowed on the facebook page.


that link from fragglesrock is spam and not real.


change fragglesrock to facebook



And again, Off Fiver links are not allowed.


When did Facebook become the “heart” of marketing?



IDK. When did it? And is it?