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Let´s Play a Game! the Game Time!

Hello friends of the fiverian world! :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia: :smiley:

Today I bring you a game to relax our mind and draw a smile on our face :blush: and abdominal spasms Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

the game is simple! :stuck_out_tongue:

Place a picture of what comes to your mind the first time you open this thread

The first image that came to my mind when creating this thread was a pizza xD

let´s go! :stuck_out_tongue:


As soon as I read “game”, cs:go is the first thing that came to my mind. Going to play a match now :smiley:


omg CS Strike! oh yeah xd! :smiley:

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Yummy , I want to eat this :smile:


PIZZA! I have to have that for dinner tonight! That was my thought. So I went looking for a picture of a good looking pizza. Guess what? There is New York Style Pizza, and Chicago Style Pizza. Now I found that there is Boston Style Pizza! But it is more of a Pizza cake. :thinking: @deivys20071 Your pizza looks more like a Neapolitan Style Pizza. My mom-in-law was Italian from Naples, Italy. That was the kind she made.



I am hoping this does not devolve into another sickening foods thread. Of course that’s just something I will have to bear if so. I have a new bottle of Pepto.



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wooah! It’s the first time I’ve heard about a pizza cake!! I have to inform my mother about this new style of pizza! :yum: :pizza:
my pizza is a Neapolitan baby pizza Lol xD

@misscrystal haha the Pepto Superhero :wink:

@topaz_muse omg! :yum: :yum:

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Pink slime

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I have seen a type of ground beef that, when cooked, stays pink… pink slime? :open_mouth:

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I didn’t get picture in my mind when i first saw this post. I want to play this game what can i do?
Can i go back and think of an image and reopen this page? Will that work or it will be cheating.
I am hungry though

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haha you can do it xD!
do this: put your mind in white and then open this thread :wink:! it works! :wink:

Well just yesterday I was talking to a friend and he mentioned this game.
I’ve seen it and heard of it soooo many times but I’ve never played it since I’m not
a gamer…but my friend said that the Cheshire Cat in the game has a nice sexy voice
so I got curious and youtubed it.
Yeah, he had a nice accent and voice, for sure!!!


This is the first thing that comes to mind.


Awwweeee, what happened to this cute little fellow?? I’d give him (her??) a hug!!


I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl LOL.
But a {hug} sounds good! :relaxed:

P.S~ I wonder if Alice is downloadable from the :apple: store. :thinking:

omgdness :smiley: ummm… I saw the gameplay and the game looks interesting :thinking: :video_game:

try this :smiley: very very strange game :video_game: :wink:

but you have to use the emulator called: Scummvm :wink:

Just seeing that title gives me the shivers…I read the short story a while back and it’s absolutely terrifying. I’ve heard that the game is really good too.

ooh! :hugs: :hugs: lotz of hugs for u!! that heart must be happy :wink:

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Aw, shucks! I’m spoiled! ty
It’s beating steadily again. :sweat_smile:

Must be love or roses :rose::rose::rose::rose: scent in the air or somethin’.

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