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Let´s play a role-playing game! :D

Hi all!
It’s time to have some fun !! :smiley:

I’m not an expert doing role plays but I’ll try :wink:

I will start the scene:

“anyone can be a character of swords, bow and arrow, magician or a simple human” we are all in a very dark dense forest, we can not see anything, but, we need something to light a fire and be able to see in the darkness of the immense forest , our goal is to defeat a dragon that hides in a cave, and to get to it we need to find a map that is hidden in the dark forest. while we are standing there thinking what to do, we can smell the cold and hear the crickets “now what do we do?”

everything depends on us!!!
your imagination will make a great adventure!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I will choose the simple human: - “while all of you are thinking I am also thinking how to make fire:stuck_out_tongue:


I, a magical mage, from a distant village called Fivertown, in a far-off land called Amerrkaa, wave my staff authoritatively in the darkness. I say a few words in a language that sounds like Latin (but clearly isn’t), and a dull stone on the handle begins to glow green. I then extend my arm upward, holding the staff aloft. The glow from my staff expands into the darkness, casting light into the dark forest. Our path is visible. Our surroundings become less bleak.

“This way”, I say, gesturing with my staff. “We will find the beast beyond that ridge.”


I, a simple human from Fiverrzuela :venezuela: :smiley: “I am stunned by the power of the magician of Fivertown, I see around that we are all very happy because we can see clearly. while I’m walking I stumble over a stone … oh wait! This stone has something strange” :open_mouth:


Several days have passed, I keep the pebble that I found on the floor while we continue walking, following the steps of the magician. around I can see the green light, you hear crickets, you can smell the cold, while the days keep happening. I can also see that other people do not want to comment, not talk, just walk :walking_man::walking_woman::walking_man::walking_woman::walking_man::mage::woman_mage::male_detective::elf::man_with_turban::fairy::horse_racing::horse_racing:

“It’s a wonder the beast hasn’t found us, with all that fancy lighting”, one of the wanderers, clad in a way it’s hardly possible to tell their age or even gender, mutters under their breath, “blasted mages, light friends, pah”. The latter only a whisper. At most, the raven that rarely seems to leave their left shoulder might have heard it.
Nethertheless, the mysterious person with raven pet keeps trotting along, watching the rather silent company, and most of all the mage, with clear suspicion in their eyes and that does not change as the days keep happening …

Pulling the hood deeper into their face, they suddenly pause, causing one of the silent company to bump into them and the raven to take flight.
“The crickets…” they say with a husky voice, reminding of… a raven perhaps… “The crickets dropped their song…”
Slowly, they do a full turn around themself, eyeing the surroundings.


“We have arrived,” the mage states, as he stands defensively near a clearing. “Prepare yourself. The Beast we seek has been following us these past many days, and it grows tired of our aimless journey. Steel yourselves, and be ready… the Beast will attack within the hour.”


Raven, as the person with the raven was called by anyone now (in mind only, of course, as still nobody spoke apart from mage and guy with stone), seeing that they never had bothered to give their name, snorts. “Told ya,” they mutter, glancing at each man, woman, else, doubtful, and animal of the random company.

Finally, perhaps working on the assumption that chances of surviving the beast’s imminent attack were best in the vicinity of the mage, casually moves to his left side.
Their eyes dart to the guy who had found the strange stone for a moment, then they draw a rather rusty looking sword from the scabbard on their back.
“I dub thee quintuple killer dragon slayer, k?” they address their sword with a grin and shrug at the bewildered looks of a few of the bystanders. “What?! We need any advantage we can get to deliver this job in outstanding style.” Raven grins again at all the rolling eyes and adds, “Any,” in the direction of the guy with the strange stone.


did you all die or what happened? lol? :smiley:
“I am still sitting on a rock contemplating the cold of the forest while I hear screeches and screams in the distance” :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: