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Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes

After considering it for a long time and having purchased several courses from TheFutur I finally took the plunge and enrolled in their Business Bootcamp.

It’s a rather funky period for me with sales from Fiverr being alarmingly low but having two brand new Pro gigs published and one more on the way I feel rather optimistic.

I think investing in yourself, always pays off.

I think it’s now time to step out of my comfort zone and challenge my self into creating a brand new framework for me and my buyers.

First week was a doozy, lots of overlap with therapy, pretty deep stuff, hard questions.

Start of week #2 seems to not let up.

Let’s see what happens. :slight_smile:


i went on the futur site it looks interesting. Is it linked to fiverr?.

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Linked to Fiverr? How do you mean?

No its owned by Chris Do and for those who dont know who Chris Do is watch this video

you can apply the principles in this to anything. Sorry for hijacking your thread


Sure thing, thanks for chiming in.

Let’s hope this doesn’t get derailed with “$10k for a logo? That’s preposterous!” Posts.


His name’s Do? If that’s not an auspicious sign in order to get your Fiverr sales up, I don’t know.

It sounds interesting. Investing in yourself should definitely pay off, either way.
I wish there was someone offering great and fun local (as in country-specific) courses for all the “not work part of work”, specifically for people in the gig economy/working on platforms vs “conventional freelancers”, best way to do your taxes, find the best insurance, pension plan, etc. Not just in a blog post format, but a comprehensive “everything you need to know when you” course. I think there’s a real gap in the market still, and whoever gets it together first and well might be surprised by how many people would pay for the course.


Yes there’s definitely high demand for something like that.

I wish we could get that sort of education in school.

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I was always surprised at how there aren’t many everyday practical things taught in schools, like bank accounts, managing your money, relationships, different types of people you may meet, how to rent an apartment or buy a house, how to conduct yourself and etiquette, things like that.
They should also teach being self employed in secondary schools and have students start fiverr accounts.


Too true, that would be great if such practical things were taught in schools. I’ve just recently heard some radio discussion about that but the consensus kind of was that schools/colleges/universities don’t have any interest in telling or even hinting people, or even rather their parents :wink: at that their children might be working as freelancers or in the gig economy after their costly higher education.

But we really should get education like that in school, also nobody should leave school without an (unclouded by ads) understanding about “free” mobile phone offerings, credit proposals, mortgage/renting options, etc., in spite of all the hours spent on maths …


I used to work for a school district in Phoenix AZ and always thought the same thing.

Practical Living Class
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Class.


When I think of the useless things that were taught.
I read that over half the gifted students, really bright kids, hate school and most drop out, that tells you something is wrong.

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Maybe it takes people like us to start something new.

I promised myself I will teach my daughter most of the stuff I wish someone taught me before I graduated Highschool.

We need to prepare teenagers better by equipping them with some real world knowledge.

Not just algebra and chemistry. :slight_smile:

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Start before High School - 5th Graders on average are very open to new ideas.

But maybe too young to grasp the concept of taxes and insurance?

You start with simple things and build from that.

Like the same way Math or English is taught.

Of course, you wouldn’t teach Calculus to a 5th Grader

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If they taught school more like college classes and gave students a choice of the things they were interested in to take courses in that would help a lot. When I got to college I finally felt like I could take classes in things I was fascinated with, with teachers that were enthusiastic and excited about their subjects.

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This Video sums up what you guys said

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