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Let’s Start a Fight

In this thread: We will share at least 2 unpopular opinions that most people disagree with.


We’re going to have rules to prevent chaos and all out war.

  • You may only use ONE sentence to argue your controversial stance.

Here’s an example:

Unpopular opinion: I love the “give me tips” threads on the fiverr forum.

Reason: Fiverr tip threads are no more redundant than posting “do your own research” on that thread and you secretly like being in them.

  • You may not mention politics, religion, race or sexuality as a basis for your unpopular opinion.

The point of this thread is to reveal your personality through disclosing silly stances. If you’re an actual, real life, jerk face - there’s plenty of coffee shops to spread your pseudo controversial grievances to. Just please, don’t come to mine.

  • If you want to reply, argue or disagree with a person’s “hot take,” you can only do so in ONE sentence and only ONCE. The OP may only reply with ONE sentence ONCE. This ensures a conclusion.

This keeps the debate civil. It’s not a “let’s present our arguments in full” thread. Although, I am building a podium for that purpose. Here’s an example of a reply:

Fiverr tips threads are the worst and new members should have to read (x) amount before posting.

  • Refrain from typical “controversial” contrarian subjects:

There’s plenty of people who think the Beatles are overrated. You’re not unveiling an original take by saying that. You’re just not getting it (and you’ve disqualified yourself from being my best friend).

  • Absolutely ZERO personal attacks.

It’s good to disagree. You can’t expand without guidance. But attacking someone’s moral character over a song is going too far (depending on the song, of course). Don’t.


Let’s pick a fight… I’ll start.

  1. Blade Runner is a HORRIBLE movie.

Besides the bad acting, terrible dialogue and amateur script, they still managed to make uninteresting visuals.

  1. If you can’t play your instrument on an acoustic equivalent, you’re not a musician.

Operating a turntable or learning a program may be hard work - but so is construction and swinging a hammer in solidly doesn’t make you a drummer.

Okay - that’s it.
Now it’s you’re turn. Ready?

Let’s start a fight…


Replying to OP’s #1; the movie is absolutely flawed and even has instances of ADR audio looped repeatedly, but you cannot hate on the musical score by Vangelis.


Apart from thinking that Moby-Dick is one of the most boring books I’ve ever read, most of my unpopular opinions hover around the topics not allowed in this thread so I’m out. I’m looking forward to reading the other responses though!


Perfectly done. Exactly what I’m after.

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Wow… maybe this thread would have gone better had it been the “Let’s all get along thread.”

Then, surely an argument would have broken out.


The Catcher in the Rye is a trite, badly written, boring book in which nothing happens.


I love “How do I get my first order” posts
Reason: Usually it’s someone who wants quick and dirty tips. Thats the people who copy other people’s description, use stolen images for their gig. So I can point out their scams like a detective pikatchu :stuck_out_tongue:


If we’re honest with ourselves, many regulars define their entire existence on this forum by “helping” new members by public shaming and pretending to not enjoy it.


I’m going to use The Spiffing Brit format. :tea:

Fiverr is a perfectly balanced platform with no exploits or flaws.
It is seriously the peak of perfection as-is that has no bugs, glitches, or broken systems and needs no new iterations, fixes, or updates.


I think Fiverr should start charging all of us a monthly Membership Fee and drop the 20% per completed job fee.

That’ll start a fight.


Ohhh, that would be amazing (depending on the membership fee). I would jump on that immediately.


Inception was so boring I almost fell asleep. I didn’t care about the characters, and there was nothing deep about it.

Disaster Report 4 should have been GOTY. It’s the funniest game I have ever played.

I do enjoy shaming scammers, and I think they deserve it.


Inception: Because you’re just not ready for David Lynch.


I love Twin Peaks. :heart_eyes:

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Super Hot take:

Yes, there is a financial advantage to posting frequently on the fiverr forum.

I get that everyone’s favorite flavor is to bash YouTube fiverr tip videos, but to pretend that you’re only here because your designation is to “beat back redundant posts” while you contribute to them, is not only silly, it’s also not reflective of the financial incentive that me and many of my contemporaries have experienced by posting here (and that’s perfectly fine).

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It may be my spirit animal.

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I think fiverr should stop putting any gig on front page. The platform should be redesigned so that everyone should be bidding for projects.

Yeah, this one takes the cake as the worst take so far. Horrible, horrible idea, turning Fiverr into a worse upwork.


That is certainly a controversial and unliked take.

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I would like people who are at level zero for more than 6 months to be removed from search.