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Let’s write together

Hello! My name is April Minjarez, I am a creative writer just waiting to help you with any and all of your writing needs. I personally like to write in a journal about how my life is going on a daily basis. I also like to write short stories that I create myself. I like to use social media via Facebook to write small rants, things going on in my life, and about things going on in the world. So with all this being said I would love to write, proof read, and or edit for you.


We are not your target customers. You need to be reaching out to the target customers who need your writing skills. We, here on the Fiverr forum, are mostly sellers, just like you. We are not the people you need to be asking to hire you.


Hi April, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here!

I see you have no active gigs. Will you create some soon?

try to be active :slightly_smiling_face:

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