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Let sellers start their orders when they get enough information!

For some sections, such as writers or designers, orders need to be started at the time of their choice when they have all the information they need. Why not let them choose when to start an order, when they have all the information from the seller they need, instead of it starting automatically with them left needing more information?

This would cut down drastically on cancelled orders due to the buyer not having all the information he or she needs.

I agree, and this should not be for that category alone, sometimes I get an order started with no file attached even though, they have submitted nothing that relates to the order.

On a different note I have no idea why the attachment is there if anyone else is seeing that. I didn’t put it there.

Thanks for replying Julie.

Fixed! Sorry, attachments are weird and the forum isn’t getting lots of updates right now. I just remove those odd ones when I spot them - they are easy to figure out since they don’t match the post!

Yes, it is an odd process. You get the sales notification and then are told to wait. Sometimes they don’t complete and you’re left with these frustrating outstanding orders lingering around with no possible way to complete the job. Let’s please have it all arrive at once.

I had another order today that never started due to the buyer not putting in the needed information.
I sent him 3 messages as soon as he ordered but he never replied.
My guess is that they do not understand English possibly.
These are almost always $5 orders.

I already made a thread about this