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Let us block people even if they did not order since they make new accounts

We need to be able to block people even if they didn’t order from us.
Many sellers get banned but come back with a new account and order again.

I am regularly contacted by previous buyers telling me the old account was banned but they now have a new account. I prefer not to work with anyone who has had a previously banned or cancelled account.


I recently clicked the report button in rude potential buyer’s profile, went through a few steps clarifying what was the problem, then the notification popped up at the top of the page that the user won’t be able to contact OR ORDER from me even though he hasn’t ordered before. So at least in writing, it should work according to fiverr.

I wonder if it works with the buyers who were recently banned (after the block feature was introduced), works with every buyer but only for the accounts that were actually reported (which is very upsetting if true because what’s the point) or doesn’t work at all.


I will try it then, maybe it’s changed.

Hey i really agree with you. But unfortunately i dont know if Fiverr will ever do this. I hope that they will.

Maria S.


I just reported someone who has never ordered from me but sent threatening messages. He is not blocked.

I don’t see why for some sellers they can block someone who has not ordered by using the report button but others can’t. Maybe it’s a bug.

It would be great if it was an IP block when someone is blocked instead of just blocking that particular account, so they can’t simply make another account to contact sellers on. It’s possible that it is one.

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That way you might block whoever got that IP address after the original buyer if it was a dynamically assigned IP address. And if it was a dynamic IP the original buyer would get a new one the next time they connected/reset their connection so it wouldn’t stop that. Also it wouldn’t stop buyers using proxies/a proxy server - so appearing from a different IP address.

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Both those scenarios are remote as far as some determined toublemaker trying to overcome them, or someone new with the same IP who uses fiverr and ordinarily would want to contact you. There are over a billion IP addresses.

I see I can block certain people who have never ordered from me and whom I have never ordered from. How strange!

@cyaxrex I was looking at someone’s profile, cyaxrex, who posts on the forum sometimes and see there is the “block” option.

Why would this option be on some profiles but not others? He is a seller, so maybe that’s why?

No I just looked at two other seller’s profiles and there is no block button.

Is this totally random or is there some other reason?

Can people look at my profile and see if there is a “block” button?

Does everyone see the “block” button on his profile? Or just me?


I checked but Its only shows “report” option.


Thank you! How strange, to see that on some profiles and not others. I even reported someone for harassing me but there is no block button. It seems to be totally random.


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I check the profile there is No block option. My question did he ever order from you?


The ones with block option may be because they messaged you in the past and probably there was an order (either they ordered from you or you ordered from them?).


No he never ordered from me at all and I never ordered from him. He might have sent me a custom order years ago, I’m not sure. Yes I think he did, that might be it.

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I did order from you in mid-2016. It wasn’t really an order, though. It was a $10 order with a message saying something like: "There is no requirement for you to deliver anything with this order, this is just a tip for some helpful advice you have given me."

Hopefully, that solves the mystery. The only question is, why are you looking at my profile and looking for ways to block me? :open_mouth:

I hope I’m not going to have to add you to my list of stalkery witches. :thinking:


I just mark the messages sent to me as spam

that works to block

yes hunting for the block otherwise is tricky and I think it was on a few months ago but couldn’t find the other day

If I could block based on country I would.
Not interested in the aggressive rip off attitude I have had from certain buyers from certain regions of the world. its almost like they are so aggressive just to cancel the order. might be wrong but its the internet and there’s so many rip-offs I have to believe the robot like responses with false characters in orders and replies suggest many buyers are using AI robots to order, then cancel.

fiverr really needs to up its game when it comes to blocking and canceling orders without affecting our stats. It makes it a very unprofessional environment to work I am afraid and doesn’t reflect well on them as a company.

we should have the option to cancel 2 or 3 orders in a 60 day period without it affecting our stats. I know they say 1 bad review gets canceled in each month when it comes to levels however we shouldn’t be made to work with someone who is clearly in breach of TOS as a buyer

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They do? I didn’t know that. Where did you read that?

I read when they changed the review process to blind review on forum

Changes to Level Evaluation

If you stress about the improvements that we are making to the rating system, you should know that a more accurate rating means that the reputation that you build for yourself is stronger and the system can better between your baseline performance and anomalies. For example, sometimes you do your best but still fall short of a buyer’s vision. We recognize that even when rare, these kinds of instances can be stressing. One of the first steps we are taking is to alleviate some of the pressure on sellers. So, beginning with the September evaluation, the rating threshold will be lowered from a 4.8 to 4.7 average in the last 60 days, and the lowest rated order during the period will be removed from the evaluation of the seller.

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Does this review get removed or just cancelled though?

I have a buyer at present who rejected delivery immediately saying "Did you just spin an article! 50% of this is copied word for word from others sites!"

(It wasn’t and I re-delivered the article in question with a plagarizm report proving that my work was 100% unique.)

The thing is, buyers usually flip to being accusatory/aggressive like this when they are scammers intent on getting work FOC. In this case, I did a bit digging.

On their profile, they have several reviews left by sellers. However, when I look at the profiles of the sellers they have bought from, there is no review from the buyer as a buyer. All I have been able to assume so far is that either some sellers get to rate buyers without buyers first leaving feedback, or some sellers have a way of actually having reviews removed by CS.

If one negative review gets removed each month, this would explain what I am seeing. However, I thought that negative reviews just got discounted, not actually removed.

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The link doesn’t say the remove the review (from the seller’s page), it just says it’s “removed from the evaluation”, ie. it’s not included in the monthly evaluation.

From the link posted above:

and the lowest rated order during the period will be removed from the evaluation of the seller.

I’m sure some sellers have managed to get some removed. eg. if CS thinks that they are against the feedback policy/TOS:

Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS).

Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.

Isn’t calling a proven good seller a scammer abuse? Or lying in a way that it is proven not to be true, like saying they bought twice from a seller when they didn’t? Those are things my bad reviews said about me. I don’t see that they remove reviews that contain false statements. That one customer was so abusive to me they banned him after he left a false statement in a review about me.

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