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Let us decide- Cancellation

What do to think about the option that seller can add to as a part of out gig term cancellation option switch on/off . the buyer will decide if he wants to order from that seller as a part of him gig term ,and the only option to cancel order with cancellation switch on with The CS is just if the seller is a scammer.


Hey, Avri!

So, to clarify…

Sellers should have an option to use a toggle (on/off) button; if they allow cancellations or not, correct?

If the Seller allows cancellations, then it makes the cancellation process easier?

This part I’m confused. :thinking:

Sorry, I just woke up, so my eyes :eyes: are kinda blurry right now. :smile:


I would suggest sellers could have more control over orders such as…

  1. More cancellation reason selections including a " other " option.

  2. A fixed time limit for buyers to request cancellation. ( sometimes buyers request refunds and cancellations even after a work is delivered and completed where many sellers had spent lots of time and resources on getting that specific order done.) And this will most probably limit or avoid this kind of situations.

  3. If cancellation is un avoidable, give sellers options for full and partial refunds within the resolution center.


Hi, the thing is that we as seller can decide if we offer cancellation as part of our gig terms. If we offer them, there is no point in involving CS and the cancellation will be between the buyer and the seller only. The CS will not be able to cancel our order unless the seller is a scammer (and there is proof about it). That’s the same if the buyer is a scammer (such as uses stolen credit card and such)
That gives the seller more power and reassure for their work and the buyer the more option to decide whether to work with that specific seller or not . The option for the cancellation will be visible to all.

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I think you have a point there’ I would combine the two if they won’t accept my option:
The buyer can cancel the order before the order has been delivered and get a full refund or if the order has already been delivered, get a partial refund, such as 50% that the rest goes to the seller.

The thing is that the seller would really have the power and option to decide, we provide the service yet our work could be granted for free if the buyer receive the work and CS cancel the order and gives the buyer a refund.

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There is no decision possible as long as buyers can still initiate a chargeback and forcefully get their money without Fiverr’s approval. Chargebacks are done no matter what Fiverr says or does.

There is no power over buyer chargebacks - nobody can control those :confused:

And what’s to stop the buyer to take the partial refund and then initiate a chargeback for the rest of the money to get it all back? Nothing. They have control over their money, so we can’t have such power over their money.

To some buyers, forced chargebacks are their be-all and end-all. No matter how Fiverr designs the site, what options it offers or not, chargebacks are the ‘uncontrollable’ factor here, like a natural disaster that can strike at any moment :neutral_face: Only thing would be for Fiverr to allow some sort of insurance for these ‘natural disasters’ especially since the co-founder seems to have created an insurance platform already (apparently, once in a while Fiverr does offer sellers a refund for buyer-initiated chargebacks, depending on the case)

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This is a good thing. I make them aware that if they don’t come on time with the revisions within 3 days and the order is marked as complete, I will not grant those free revisions. In the past I used to grant them after weeks, because they had some excuse like ‘I was in vacation’… My policy is ‘If I can deliver on time, you should be able to come back with the revisions on time’.

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100% agreed on this!

I understand what you’re saying, but I’m talking about the things that Fiverr can do within their limits. As for now, sellers have almost none to zero “back” from Fiverr. Even if the seller is right, even if the seller did nothing wrong. It’s just opens a lot more headache for us all.
Just saying.

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I agree. but CS won’t. The buyer has the ultimate power over you. The buyer can ask a refund even after the order is marked as complete and the CS would tell that they can’t force a buyer to accept your delivery.
That’s the problem.
You’re doing what’s good for you and what works best and there’s nothing wrong with that- from seller point of view. But that ends here. Buyers will get their money back (dare I say always?).

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I agree that sellers should be allowed to decide whether or not they offer cancellations.

From experience, cancellation requests start coming in waves after one event, as buyers who know they can get away with cancelling, reorder and/or create new Fiverr accounts and order that way. Make life too difficult for them and they don’t bother.

Given the above, I would much rather have a buyer leave a bad review rather than run with their work and money.

Sadly, it seems to be easier than ever for buyers to have orders cancelled by CS just because they are unhappy.

On another note, chargebacks could be easily reduced by insisting that new buyers sign up with an email that matches their PayPal email address. If it doesn’t, don’t let them make purchases.

Of course, in the event of a chargeback, Fiverr wouldn’t likely be able to recover funds. However, this would make it much more difficult for scammer buyers to sign up with user names like bojangles2536, joblogs656876, and buyerx52322, over and over, without also going through the hassle of setting up and verifying new PayPal accounts for each Fiverr identity.


Or just because they figured out a way they can get their delivery for free…

I don’t know if they can do that.

As far as I know, they can only request a refund in the first 40 days. In the 4 years I’ve been here I got only one ‘forced canceled’ order… There was a fast deliver order and I was late like 2h and the buyer only requested the money for the ‘fast delivery’. But I guess those who use paypal can request the chargerback in the first 90 days, if I’m not wrong…so that really sucks.

We really need a verification system based on your ID card, for seller and buyers as well…This way the number of scammers will be brought down significantly.

Verification system would be great, but I don’t think it would change the fact that buyers can ask cancellation all time no matter the circumstances.

There’s no way I’m giving my ID details to a company which cant fix basic bugs in its website for several years, and does not appear to be compliant with certain regional laws concerning copyright and management of personal information in the first place.

Switching to an Escrow based payment system would fix chargebacks once and for all, without any need for mass data collection.

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seems fair enough. :))


Thanks for the clarification.

I definitely see where you’re going with this. But wouldn’t it defeat the purpose since Fiverr has a cancellation policy in place? So, this idea seems like it would just muddy up the water. :grimacing:

Maybe it’s just me but policies can be changed…
In the spirit of all the other changes that goes on in this site, one that would effects us sellers in a good way would be great.

I will suggest you one thing that there must be a an option for the seller to accept the or declined the order so avoid the cancellation ratio,

The problem is that you kinda have it right now cause you can agree or decline to order cancellation in the resolution center.
But once it’s goes to CS, you will “lose” it either way.