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Let us include commercial rights in our base price!

I have raised my prices to include commercial rights as many other sellers have done - to avoid confusion and arguments with buyers.

However, buyers can still filter by “commercial rights” which means I have to include it as an extra if I want to show up in those filtered results.

A super easy fix would be the option to tick a “commercial rights” box next to the base price when you’re setting your prices in “edit gig” - this is already an option for “wav file” so why not provide it for commercial rights too? That way those who don’t want to charge extra will still show up in the results :slight_smile:

I know I’m not the only seller who is frustrated with commercial rights so I think this would be a super easy way for there to be an option for everyone.


Another option or workaround you could use is to set your commercial rights price at $5. So while your basic price actually includes the commercial rights, you still show up under the filter for commercial rights.
I also think it’s an attractive selling point to have your commercial rights extra at only $5.


This is my price for commercial rights, the issue is hardly anyone purchases commercial rights because they don’t think they have to, and so only my honest buyers end up purchasing them. I have gotten into way too many arguments with buyers about the purpose of commercial rights, why they need them, etc. The alternative I offered above is a perfect fix for this, and they already offer it for wav files as many sellers want to include that in their base price - so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to implement it :slight_smile:


It used to be that way in the past (you could include commercial rights in your base price), I’m not sure why they’ve changed it. Unless it’s because they want to make more money, and if that’s the reason, I doubt they’re going to change it back.


Just send a message if they don’t include the $5 commercial rights option that you are including it. Or mention that it’s included in the description. It’s just so you show up when someone ticks that filter.

Yeah that’s fair, but the issue is that few people read my description and some will purchase commercial rights in error. NOT allowing us to include it means that we have to find these silly workarounds - my suggestion would solve them. That’s why I posted it on the Site Suggestion category :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still think the best solution would be to prevent our audio files from being downloaded until the buyer marks the order as complete, like the artwork guys do with watermarks.

This would prevent a lot of back and forth! I’ve had a lot of problems recently too.

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Oh commercial rights, by far my favorite subject. I also did exactly the same, for music. I had my commercial Use License offered as extra, but now I’ve included it in my base price, whic I have increased, by ticking the field for commercial rights. I was also spending a lot of time arguing, explaining, because even those who need one, they usually don’t understand it well. Fiverr’s definition or lack of definition of the license played a big role in that.

The only problem is that I did that together with a huge update of my gigs, so I have received only two orders ever since :frowning: It was at the same time when all the problems arised with the algorythm update. I hope that will be fixed soon.

@gwyneth_galvin I see that you have broadcast rights as an extra. Can you tell me if people buy this extra from you and if they understand it? Or only few do it?

Btw I found it a bit strange to be able to define broadcast rights for voice over but not for music (I can define it on my own, so its not a big issue).


you can watermark audio too!

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Hi, you’re in the top row for your keywords:

I’m not sure why you aren’t getting orders, unless most people aren’t searching for those keywords. (compose music for animated video)

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Wow, :astonished: thank you, which keywords did you use? Still, I was doing really well before the update and now, my gigs are even better than before, but nothing. I am going to to be promoted to level 2 tomorrow, normally, so I hope things will be better after.

I used the main words in your title: compose music for animated video

It’s important to try to use keywords you think the most people will use when they look for what they want.

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Oblivious noob here, but isn’t that already a thing?
I had an option to include commercial use to the basic price upon gig creation and I did for some of my gigs. That was very recently.

Or does it not count for search engine?


There are options when someone is searching for the type of gig they want. We call these “filters”. There is a filter to choose those sellers who offer commercial rights as an option.

Yeah, I got that part, I just tried searching for my gig with commercial use included in the basic price and it worked. So it does work without including it as an extra :slight_smile:

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Not for VO artists, at least not as of today! :frowning:

Oh, I thought gig creation process is the same for everyone. Hope you guys get this feature too in the near future.

The whiteboard animators go nuts when you do this. They simply shouldn’t be allowed to download work until they’ve marked the order as complete.

The amount of people who say '‘my client didn’t accept it’ is incredible - they then expect you to cancel the order. They have literally no respect!