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Let us select proper gig when responding to buyer requests!

Hi Fiverr folks,

I have multiple gigs listed, all of a business nature, and scan the buyer requests daily for possible sales. This morning I saw a buyer request to call a local business with their questions, for which I have a perfect gig. However, the Fiverr system suggested responding with my “tip jar” gig, which I didn’t understand.

Please allow us to choose the proper gig that overrules whatever your “system” suggests!

Thank you in advance,


it would be better if we could pick which gig to add as the fiverr often pick ones that are not suitable

Fiverr doesn’t pick the Gigs. The Gigs you are able to offer must match the Category AND the Subcategory that the Buyer chose when the Request was made.

ricksper said: Fiverr doesn't pick the Gigs. The Gigs you are able to offer must match the
Category AND the Subcategory that the Buyer chose when the Request was

Still, it would be nice to be able to hand pick the appropriate gig instead of having an automated choice pop up that may not have anything to do with the request.

Of course that would be ideal but how could you implement such a policy? As near as I can tell, it would mean that every seller would be able to respond to every request. It’s bad enough that many buyers are now faced with a hundred or more offers to their requests. If I were a buyer making a request and became overwhelmed with offers, I would give up and ignore them all. Look back through some of the 76,000 unfulfilled requests and see how long they have been just sitting there without buyer acceptance.

So, what you are saying is that every fiverr seller would respond to every buyer request - no matter where their respective talents lie. I do not think that would be the case. If there was a dropdown box listing all my gigs, I could respond with the gig that would be most appropriate to the request. That does not mean that I would respond to a buyer request for a writing project even though I have no writing talent.

Also there is a limit to the number of responses - I would not waste my responses on requests that I know I could not fulfill.

If I was so inclined - as the system stands now - I AM able to respond to every request.

You stated that “It’s bad enough that many buyers are now faced with a hundred or more offers to their requests.” I believe that buyers are currently being overwhelmed because we as sellers can only respond with gigs that are randomly selected and we are not able to target the appropriate gig for the buyers response. This only compounds the problem.

I am curious though - you seem to be assuming that the 76,000 requests listed are unfulfilled - I have personally responded to a buyer request, been hired and completely fulfilled that request - and when I look back, that request is still on the list. I am also not sure that I would assume that these request are unfulfilled due the that fact that these buyers are overwhelmed, or a plethora of other reasons.

Thanks, Dave

Reply to @ricksper: The buyer must be choosing the wrong category then.

If Fiverr really wanted to limit the number of sellers that submit to buyer requests, then why did they raise my limit from 5/day to 10/day? Obviously, that is the wrong direction. No, they should give sellers three per day and allow them to choose which gig they want to submit for the request. This will solve the problem.

I agree! It is very frustrating to see work that I have experience in, and not be able to respond properly since that specific gig won’t come up. My choices are then 1) don’t respond to that request, or 2) respond with an improper gig, leaving the buyer to wonder why I responded at all.

What I find interesting is the fact that when you click on the “Send Offer” button you are presented with this option - “Select a gig that matches the buyer’s request”. I asked Support why there were no gigs here to select from, and they gave me a very convoluted answer stating that I needed to have my gig match every possible relevant category that the buyer might choose.

I am wondering if that means that I have to duplicate my gig(s) and assign a different category and sup-category to each one in order to be covered - is that even possible?

I swear that last week, I actually had the option to select the gig that I wanted to present to the buyer; that function seems to be gone now.

Any updates on this?