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So this starting popping up on new orders in the past few days.

Why? Who is this supposed to help? It’s just an added hoop to jump through. Mind you, it takes just a couple seconds to deal with. But why add barriers to what was a fairly smooth process?

Am I the only one annoyed by this?


I find it annoying as well.

If I get:

You just received an order from buyername
Please review the requirements below

That’s enough for me! That means I will click “Contact the Buyer” and send him my customized “thanks for ordering” message.


I also have my own customized “thanks for ordering” message that I can only use from the app. On the desktop I have to select one of their banal options and than delete it and put in my own message. The reminder would be okay if the change didn’t make it harder for me to communicate with buyers making a new purchase.


Big discussion about it here. :small_red_triangle_down: