Lets be honest, fiverr.com is a good website but


Ive bought a few things, however, right now, i need to print out some invoices, but I just cant f*cking find them? Where is the transcation history located? Ive looked everywhere. I searched on the support topics but cant find it their either.

Its a good website overall, but you have to make it more userfriendly when it comes to user history. Its shit right now.


Sure, im a buyer. I need the paperwork for each transaction for my company. Doesnt matter if its about 1 dollar transcation or 100 thousand, from the bank history. This should be provided by fiverr. However, its kind of stupid system that i should contact fiverr to get it, why dont they just build a function that automatic generates these invoices, 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 other websites has it, even the ones that are 1000000000000000000000000000000000 smaller then fiverr.

Time is money, right? :slight_smile:


If you are a seller, you can see your money due under Sales -> Revenues. Otherwise, you can check under Shopping -> Payments.

If you need actual invoices, though, you’re best off contacting Customer Support. You are paying and paid by Fiverr, not by other buyers and sellers, so an invoice in many cases needs to come from Fiverr. I saw in another thread that the OP contacted CS and got their invoices that way.


Reply to @haghjoo: That’s a lot of zer0’s


Reply to @surfdude001: "even the ones that are 1000000000000000000000000000000000 smaller then fiverr"

Well, taken logically this includes a site that is managed part-time by a little person who was cut in half during a logging incident in a country that has blackouts during most of the day. That’s about as small as a site can get I think.


That would be cool.