Lets be uncharacteristically revealing


Here we shall reveal things about ourselves, whether common knowledge or not, to our fiverr forum consortium.

My name is Tommy. It would be more appropriate to be named something of a more masculine, Brando-esk sort… something that conjures the faded scent of nicotine and gym patronage. I’ve been MoocH 1 since the age of 13 and it is a stage name.

In my 20’s, I once endured a two year period of blind drunkenness while writing for contemporary rock artists and internet-zines- all the while talking in the voice, rhythm and likeness of Hunter S. Thompson. Non- stop.

When I’m not on the forum hammering strange tempos into otherwise normal threads and portraying a literary brute, I write music for rising and established acts.

I have studied a terrifying level of wrestling history.

I drink 20+ cups of coffee daily. It’s all part of my new fad diet, “Jitters ain’t for Quitters.”

I’m a career musician, champion espresso drinker, father, husband, weight lifter and striving - to - be - compassionate alpha male.

Whew… Way cheaper than group therapy. It’s your turn… no matter your forum fame - come play along and tell us all about your amazing self. Interesting factoids wanted - pancake recipes accepted.


My name is Writer and I am busy. By the way, since you lift weights you should know - I am going to start lifting weights myself in December. I have some dumbbells and barbells but they are from long ago. Haven’t lifted in a while. How heavy should the dumbbells/barbells be for basic lifting? I have an exercise bench as well. I am 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 64 kgs. How heavy should the dumbbells/barbells be for a beginner for bench press, squat, lunges, deadlift, and other basic exercises? How many sets/reps?


hahah… good one :slight_smile:
my name is designer :wink:


Alright. My name is “jonbaas”. I have ten fingers, two eyes, and two ears.


Lifting is about resistance. Unless you’re planning to enter a strong man competition - you are probably lifting to look like you lift, not to pick up cars. The weights need to be light enough to put in good reps and heavy enough to create tension. As a practice run, try this: biceps, triceps:
20 pound drop set: 10 reps -2 second pause -8 reps 2 second pause- 6 reps -2 second pause - four reps - 2 second pause and then 2 reps - 2 minute rest.

That is one drop set. Do four drop sets for each exercise.

Bicep curls - four sets
cable Tricep pulldowns - four sets
barbell curl (30 pound) four sets
laying tricep extensions- four sets
one arm concentration curls- four sets each arm
close grip bench press- four sets

isometric barbell curl - slowly lift the bar for 20 seconds -then, slowly lower the bar for 20 seconds. Do this until you burn out…get passed the shaking and twitching and give it hell.

This routine can be applied to all body parts with drop sets. Once you’ve gotten passed that we’ll talk about super-sets.


I refute your libelous claim that people of disproportionate appendages aren’t common.


Thanks man, reading it very carefully…great info!


Feel free to ask any questions brother. All of those exercises can be googled and substituted if you don’t have the right equipment.

Speaking of equipment, I just read that @jonbaas has all ten fingers. He should have no problem with these dropsets.


you missed it - two circle one cylinder ----- hahahah - Sorry ------- It’s joke :smile:


Great, but you have only mentioned different exercises for the arms and one bench press - I read in a book that bench press, shoulder press, squat, lunges, deadlifts, one arm row, bicep curls and one exercise for triceps are the way to go…shall I follow these exercises with the other tips on weight/sets/reps given by you?


Yes. I gave you a template for arm day and how to incorporate dropsets into your routine. Use this same method when performing chest exercises, legs, shoulders and back. Those will be the focus of your five day program.

The close grip bench press exercise is actually a triceps exercise. Let the back of your arm do all the work and do not extend to a locked out position as you may do on a chest press. It’s important to keep this exercise lite as well. To complete the dropset - you can’t overload the bar. Work on squeezing the muscle you’re working with lite weight. It’s better to get resistance from lots of reps and creating time under tension rather than burning out in less reps and going heavy. That will sculpt your body.

There’s something to be said for doing heavy- shock your muscles- type workouts every once in a while to promote growth, but learning proper lifting and tearing and repairing muscle is first.


Man, I wish I could train under your supervision. Anyway, will keep you informed about my progress, busy till December 12th. After that I will start getting serious about my health and fitness.


Once you’ve developed a five day routine, let me see it and I’ll make any changes needed. Send me your goals - packing on muscle, tightening up, losing weight, whatever - and I’ll look into your calories and eating plan.

Remember: getting fit, no matter bigger or smaller, happens in the kitchen.


Great - maybe you could offer fitness advice as a gig, think about it. Can help a lot of people. [My goal is to tighten up. I am not overweight - just 64 kgs and I am 5’ 8’’… but very unfit because 4 years of sedentary lifestyle. Have to change things around - this is more important than making money to me now.


Apparently it went over my head. Or it wasn’t as funny as you thought it would be. :slight_smile:


Hahaha!!! :smiley: you are always sarcastic!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Never! …


Jon is never sarcastic. He tells you like it is. Opposite of that.


You can search on youtube for “resistance training for beginners”

Here you go. A five minute warm up is needed before any resistance training with weights:


There are tons of those and I’m not sure it would mesh well with my music offerings. I’d like to expand into a variety of gigs that I’m extremely proficient in. The issue, as always, is the disjointed appearance of odd offerings when paired. You know how it looks when someone is offering strange fitting gigs. Plus, it complicated our bios and main page keywords. @misscrystal has a thread going right now discussing this very thing. Her concept is that allowing trustworthy sellers multiple accounts would eliminate this issue. That’s the very reason I never launched a creative writing gig. It’s just too far away from the other offerings.