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Lets be uncharacteristically revealing


You know I love you…but this is the absolute worst form I’ve ever seen in a “tutorial.” DON’T USE THIS. PM me if you need a routine and I will build it just because.


Loving this thread. After being stressed out for years about not being fit/healthy (despite good outward appearance), I’ve finally managed to get a good handle on exercise and diet in the past couple months. I have a workout plan that I stick to every day (though it’s different every day), and I’m even tracking everything I eat to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients. And all my stress has vanished. VANISHED. It’s the best thing ever.

My uncharacteristically revealing moment: This all happened because I became obsessed with pole dance.


Exchange 1/4 to 1/2 of the milk in your favourite pancake recipe for sparkly water for fluffier pancakes. Or with espresso, I guess, for a more familiar taste.


Only me and two other people in the world actually know my name. I was born, named, and I actually prefer my first name. But then my father had an epiphany moment in the pub one night and realized that my name could lead to me having an unfortunate nickname later in life. In this case, my parents started calling me something different two weeks after they had already named me officially.

I found out when I first needed a passport and things were a bit tricky. In theory, however, I have two distinct legal identities which if I ever decide to run a crime empire, could come in very handy.

Also, occasionally people whom I have just met call me by my first name like it is psychically bonded somehow.


I just grabbed one. I didn’t go through several to pick the right one. The exercises aren’t too bad.
I do resistance training.


If @rushdiaakhan hangs around the Forum long enough she will learn that about @jonbaas. He does tell it how it is. It is true not sarcasm. On the other hand he can be funny at times too!


So not Cy and not Tony, Hmmmm?


Haha you are right!!! :slight_smile:


Yes, Tommy, you are good at hammering strange into normal threads. It makes for interesting conversations! :crazy_face:


One of my fellow mods yesterday informed me that my “hashtag” UPYOUR from the series of that name is the most searched term on the forum in terms of total searches and searches by unique users.

Seeing as fitness is the general theme here, I’ll share that similar to Writer, I have become horribly unfit in the last couple of years. 5 minutes of basketball with my son today had me completely out of breath. Granted he is 15 and plays on the school team (in a non High School Musical way) but still…


I guess this is a fact I haven’t shared with anybody here at Fiverr yet:

I am a blade fetish.
Seriously, I am.
I’m not a serial killer, don’t worry.
But since I was a kid I had a thing for daggers and swords and katanas.

I keep telling my friends when I get rich I’m gonna decorate my whole wall with antique swords and daggers and samurai katanas and all of those lovely sharp beauties from around the world.

I promise I won’t attack people.


Yeah, 14 to 25 is when men are at their fittest, then it goes downhill. I was very fit as a teen/ young adult and use to play cricket/football every day for 2-3 hours. If I didn’t play, I would get restless. Even played football on the evening before my last exam in engineering, which I flunked. LOL.


Speak for yourself, Esther Ranzen. Some of us do still stay active you know.


I’m going to share something I’ve never revealed to anyone.

Sometimes I think about dying my hair an unusual shade of red.


And there was me thinking that witches would have interesting secrets like glass jars full of tiny centipede people which they release at night to crawl into the ears of the bewitched, in order to make them do their bidding.

Turns out its all about hair dye.


We do have a secret ingredient we use in some spells but if I revealed what it is that might lead to …

well I’m not sure it’s legal to own it. I wish I could ask someone actually. I would have to call …
someone important.


Clearly, you are talking about blue hair dye for people over 50. - You don’t need to call anyone. This is a certified aesthetic human rights abuse. In the UK blue rinses were hugely fashionable until 1997. Thankfully, when Tony Blair became PM, there was a national effort to herd people with blue hair into caves where they could no longer wander around upsetting people,


Well since @misscrystal revealed what color she would like to dye her hair, I will reveal my secret desire to have my hair colored. I want to dye an area of the underneath part of my hair peacock colors, bright kelly green, turquoise blue, and royal blue. Then when I put it up it would show those lovely colors.


Uhho @cyaxrex Cy, you may have read my mind about the blue dye thing. But I do not want old lady blue, I want the bright peacock colors!


If you put that photo up, I’d gladly draw you, free of charge! :star_struck: