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Yes, especilly when you have a connection.

I collect depression glass. I have sets from each decade from the 20s clear on up to the 60’s.
20’s :arrow_down:
image image

Of course, there is some overlapping of the decades.


How did you start collecting it?

My grandmother had parts of the forest green set, then my hubby, who used to travel, found parts of the royal ruby set in antique shops when he traveled.

From there we looked for pieces here and there in 2nd hand shops. I found a $25 piece at a yard sale for 50 cents.

We started collecting before the internet when I had a subscription to “The Depression Glass Daze.” Sadly, depression glass has lost its value because of the internet and people finding more of it through the venues on the net.

I do not have complete sets of all of them. The pictures abouve are from google images.


It’s as valuable as you make it, right? All that matters is if it’s valuable to you. Honestly, it’d be much easier to collect gemstones if they weren’t so expensive. Getting my hands on a few good pieces of emerald, sapphire, and other gemstones similar to those will take quite a bit of saving up.

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My grandfather was a rockhound. He would find Montana agates and cut and polish them up. Then he would put them in jewelry for his 13 children their spouses and his over 50 grandkids. I have various necklaces and key chains he made.

Okay, toodles, I have a cookbook to proof and it will not do itself. :slightly_smiling_face:


Darn, that sounds amazing. I wish I lived in the US too, if only for the gems available there. I live in what used to be sea, so aside from a few ancient fossils and heaps of clay, there’s not much to see here. I’d love to see pictures of that.

Good luck!

Search images for Montana Agates. There are many kinds. My dad is a farmer, and Grandpa would walk the fields and find them after Dad summer fallowed. He also found rocks in our neighbor’s pasture.




You may be able to find some small stones on eBay.

I have a tiger eye stone in a necklace my granddad made, but I am not sure if he found it or bouoght the stone.

Now off to work!


I love Depression Glass. Cambridge Glass is one of my favorites:

I went to a big Depression Glass show once; it was heaven.

Notice the dolphins on the bottom of these candlesticks:

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Out of curiosity, what draws you to glass? Everyone is drawn to something for a reason.

I’m drawn to beauty and art. Check this out!

chihuly is a famous glass artist.

I’m browsing through the “Explore works” page. All of this is glass? Woah.

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Yes and there is a video of him making this stuff too somewhere and it’s worth watching.

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I’m looking at the Rotolo page now because those spoke to me most. Several pictures and videos are attached to the page to show the making process. Is he the guy with the eyepatch?

check this out:

I’m more fond of his smaller pieces. Something about such intricate detail, small enough to pick up, is true beauty to me.