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Let's catch up (The Unusually Non-Satirical Mooch Thread)


130 am… the studio is bludgeoned from 48 hours of mad, panicked music making. Wires of every distinction are crossed and cover the floor like a hardwired everglades.

There are coffee stains on the coffee stains.

The china shop is leveled, Charlie, and final mix audio dances off the walls…slamming every last inch of space… sending paint chips falling to their death.

It’s been two days holed up in the “Music Room,” and away from the forum. Tell me how you are…how’s your mom…did she get those flowers we sent?

How are your gigs going? Tell me about that weird request, that silly forum thing you did, that strange order you’re trying to fill… or maybe just stop by and say you missed me.
I sure missed you. Actually (and while we’re on the topic) I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…and I think we’re ready to go to the next “level.”

(editors note: level means Marvin Gaye).

Start any new services? Got any new stories? Feed me, Seymour…


I don’t know man, as long as I get to see EPL every Saturday and cricket in between, life’s good.


I was in the midst of a Summer long “Twin Peaks” fever dream. That’s complete with fan theorizing, accompanying youtube videos, hefty research into cognitive fugue (the best of all the fugues) and forum lurking… There’s something to be said for a show that’s so amazingly vague that it launches complete investigations into its “supposed” narrative.
Meanwhile (<-- little Twin Peaks humor for the peaksies out there) I’m fairly positive the program involved a lead character that couldn’t talk, an electric tree with a talking, uncooked chicken on top and a character that spoke in Marlon Brando dialogue references.
It was either the most important television I’ve ever watched or the worst acting I’ll ever see… I can’t really decide.


We’ll know when he’s hit a home run…because each time he posts we’ll hear Samuel L Jackson’s voice in our head as we read it.


The sky sure looks good.


I don’t know why but this reminded me of Total Drama Island. So, I went to check out the wiki and found out it has like 4 more seasons…I owe you man…big time…like seriously big time…


On the scale of Unexpected --> TMI, some comments here have gone way past the “I” ; can we keep some things to ourselves please?
I am sure the subject is perfectly in line with what most 13 year olds talk about but that isn’t really the barometer for what is suitable forum chat.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: oops this must be the men’s locker room…


*middle school


To be fair, a certain world leader has said a lot worse.


Ah yes, the classic retort of the child who has done something wrong - "But Jimmy said…"
Next up we will have:
"You don’t understand anything, I’m going to my room and don’t come in!"
and then my personal favorite:
Jimmy’s Mod Mom lets him do that, why can’t I?


But I didn’t say anything! [OT: Just realized we have a World Cup in 8-9 months! I mean like - this is heaven!]


I would never call who I think you mean a leader.


Pretty boring. But yesterday I got my first order, so I’m pretty happy about that.


It’s not boring in his country if you get to see a girl’s thighs…


Except not all thighs are made equally beautiful and thick. Some of us just weren’t gifted in this sector and it can cause lots of insecurities (speaking from experience).


For some guys any thighs are better than none.


Well, that’s uplifting. Thanks! :smile:


Things are going fine in Fiverrland overall, on the other hand Tokyo was STINKING hot
today so that sucked…

Today was my day off so I decided to watch some movies and from all the movies I could have chosen from, I watched Misery. I know, creepy movie, but Kathy Bates was great in that movie. I went ahead and watched Dolores Claiborne right after that, and again, Ms.Bates was great.

Since it’s October and Halloween is coming, I’m thinking maybe I can create a new gig where I draw zombies. There are plenty of zombie illustration gigs available, but heck, I can give it a try perhaps.

BTW Mr.Mooch, how many cups of coffee do you drink everyday??


I gave up all coffee a few months back and had some a few days ago as a special treat and I had forgotten how much I love good coffee. Now I want more.

I also had a tiny bit of Tennessee whiskey last night… I had given that up too but … I feel so decadent lately. I appreciate these things so much more when they are not used often.
The whiskey gave me the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time so it might become my nightly sleep medicine.