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Let's compare our basic needs in $


As a Pakistani, 2$ are enough for average (1 time) meal. Price of 1 average dress is 15$, hand bag 10$…monthly cost of home internet is 20$.
Monthly fee of a student ranges from 1$ to 500$ from school to college.
Kindly share the costs some basic needs, so we could know how much the minimum price of a Gig should be?


That’s an easy question.



You cannot offer under that price, no matter where you live.


You might like this:


Actually, yours is a very good information, if in Pakistan “2$ are enough for average meal”, now I know how much lower I can push prices on your fellow countrymen when I order from them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Irrelevant answer.
You should state your prices for mentioned things.


Its mean you want to offer only one time meal for your whole life intellectual property :frowning:


Thank you so much.


I will never learn as Italian that some people cannot understand sarcasm :unamused: and I even know most Germans can’t!

Anyway, your information is maybe “too much”?
If you come and state openly that with an average of $100 you can live a whole month… I will think twice then when someone from your country will ask me $50 for a basic sketch…

To me this information is relevant,
Is it good for your own business though?


I don’t understand the point of this thread. Comes across as very negative.


Same here…
Where is the negativity?


I’ve tried with sarcasm, but I bet she didn’t get it.

I believe other sellers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc… will not be happy and jumping on one leg if they see this thread…


What I hate about these threads is the fact that it is suggested that a person’s basic cost of living should dictate how they price their services. This is garbage. My beer in the evening, my not living in a shanty town, and (my one day) going on holiday to somewhere nice would be impossible if I worked just to eat and pay the rent.

I am not a charity and I do not expect a buyer in Pakistan to offer me reduced prices because they can afford to eat for less. If this was the way the world worked, your iPhone would cost $100 max and we’d all be saying three hail Mary’s to Mao Tse-tung every morning.


It’s hard to do.

In small town USA, $10 will get heck of a lot more than in New York City, Chicago or Hollywood.

It’s not by country but where you live in that country.


Too many variables - no point I’m afraid! :slight_smile:


I hope that was sarcastic?
Do you know where Nike, Reebok, Adidas and other big companies produce their goods?
Goods that you, me and many others here use and enjoy every day on the hard work of those poor people?
Do you believe they pay them according on how much they believe they should?
Or accordingly to how much is for them enough to live… ?
Think twice if you believe “this is not the way the world works”…


There was another on another thread who was whining “Fiverr should give equal chance to all”… Fiverr already gives equal chance to all. It’s up to you to take it. Fiverr does not guarantee an equal income.


Usually the people complaining about Nike, Reebok, Adidas hiring people in the third world at low cost and keeping them in terrible conditions are privileged people in US and Europe, not those who actually work in those so-called sweatshops. Those who work in the factories are proud of what they do. Don’t demean their work.


For Godzilla’s sake! Are you all reading good what i state?
I’ve been to Bangladesh, Thailand, VIetnam, former Laos and Cambodia…
For King Kong’s sake I’ve been 7 months living in Indonesia…
If I stated something to this thread was to make this seller aware that not everybody will take this information as “just conversational”…
Now you all can think what you prefer…
At the end this thread will not bring something positive for some people…


It may also give readers the idea that we can all live on such a limited budget, regardless of our location and personal needs.


Interesting. I’ve never thought of it from that perspective.

Well, going from living in shelter to many labor intensive minimum wage jobs to where I am now, I don’t appreciate the people that do what I used to do - I understand and respect them.