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Let's Create the Best Buyer Requests Ever

I have applied to well over 5,000 buyer requests in my 5 years here. And I have seen some doozies. So, I wanted to put together the ultimate one (heavy sarcasm) with your help. Add to this perfect request in your reply.

I am looking for a 10,000-word article (Insert what you sell here) in two hours for $1. Only apply if you speak native English. Do not waste my time with high offers or if you do not know this niche (no niche is specified). To prove you have read the entire message, start your reply with the word Purple. Those who do not will be ignored. See my attachment for more information (nothing is attached). This could lead to more work if you are good. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MEET THE PRICE. (Always something in all caps).

This is where you add to the perfect buyer request.


Great Tips, We always must have to rad every word from buyer those are placed request and go thorough with it.

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I haven’t looked at buyer requests for months. Now I just wandered over and saw this:

Arabic and English expert blogger, who can write above 1000 words and have an enough feedback about the business

The budget, of course, is $5.

And so that’s me done looking at buyer requests for another 6-months.


“I need an alto female singer. Must be able to reach high notes.”
Sooo, are you looking for an alto or soprano? -_-


Actually, I just found this gem:


I’m not going to dare post more than that even in screenshot form. (It gets a bit more explicit.) However, if you are female and passionate about er… You know what, you can now get paid $85 for 30 "confession stories."

That’s $2.83 per 300-500 words for 30 articles that probably wouldn’t make grandma very proud.


I’m out of words just remembering what I usually see in BR and close the tab immediately.


I saw that buyer request. That was an interesting one.


PLEASE tell me there were no submitted offers. (Actually, no. Don’t answer that. I know the only current way to report BR is to submit an offer in order to get the profile. So I’ll keep the transparent blindfold, thanks.)


There were 30. :frowning:


I wonder how many of those were guys, applying because they were told to respond to 10 requests per day.


This is where you add to the perfect buyer request.

I will test you with a small task.

Also a classic: no hint whatsoever about how many words of what you’re supposed to deliver for that $5 within an hour or 24.

Oh, and: “Translation needed” (Which language? Who cares! Apparently not the 30 odd bidders.)

And then, there are these “BRs” …

DescriptionWriting is a medium of human communication that represents language with and symbols. For languages that utilize a writing system, inscriptions can complement spoken language by creating a durable version of speech that can be stored for future reference or transmitted across distance.


This is the topic I’ve been waiting for. I knew I should’ve saved those gems for future use. Read at your own discretion.

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It’s legit crazy how they expect someone to do basically really hard work for no money at all or the ahem “promise” to work in their company…eventually. I really hope nobody applied for those.


I sincerely hope that all of these people are put in a position where they have to work for $5 for the amount of work they want at some point.


Wow! Just Wow! Those people are let out on their own?


This actually reminds me of that assistant job ad that circulated awhile back -


… for $30 an hour?
I’d almost be tempted to apply, if only for the laughs. Email headline ‘fault’: I don’t like dogs.

Edit: I needed that. Hilarious read.


I want someone to do a dramatic reading of “THE SOLUTION”.
Would be a perfect monologue to do for auditions ala Misery or Fatal attraction.

(This being Fiverr, joke must be made:)
I’ll read the whole thing for $5! :rofl:


This person wants a voice actor to narrate THE METAMORPHOSIS and prepare it totally for Audible for $73 :joy: I’m dying

For reference if you don’t do VOs - I would charge around $1,500 to start a project this size, and I am not by any means one of the most expensive sellers in my category.