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Lets Cry together

Hellow! Fellows .I am currently working in wordpress niche, and have about 300 + 5 Star reviews… have no orders from past 10 days.
Lets Cry together if you are experiencing same situation …:slight_smile:

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You could save yourself some tears by making an effort to market and promote your gig on your own. You don’t have to rely on Fiverr to be your only source of sales. There are hundreds of thousands of people out in the world you could likely use your services. You need to get out there and find them… and then turn them into sales.

Doing this might help you become so busy that you don’t have time to cry. :wink:


trying different ways to promote my gigs … and everything is smooth as it was in past … but the things i am not getting are orders…

Perhaps you need to innovate and adapt your marketing approach. If you’re still doing what you did in the past, and it’s not working the way you want it to, then perhaps the old ways are dead – and creative new ideas are necessary. :wink:

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i am getting messages now a days, but unfortunately no orders :frowning:

Fiverr isn’t predictable. Why does one person has 10 in his queue while another gets 5 to 10 orders a day while another 1-3 a day? Why is one gig always on the top row while others aren’t? What is the price point that gets order? What could be hurting/helping your gig? Nobody knows, it’s all random.

The only thing you can do is make some changes and evaluate, see if things improve. If they don’t, create a new gig, preferably about something you’re not currently doing.


I know one very good seller - a WordPress developer who hardly gets any orders, and there is a content writer who is obviously not a writer, who gets dozens of orders every day. So it’s all very random.


i tried Old New And upcoming ways to Drive sales … :sunny: No Luck.

You Still have something , can keep you busy … :slight_smile: i even don’t Receive Messages.

There are hundreds of creative ways to drive sales. Have you tried them all?

Perhaps now would be a great time to pick up a marketing book from your local bookstore. I know quite a few books that actually list hundreds of creative ways to market products and services.

Don’t say you’ve tried everything, until you actually have tried everything. :wink:

Books Dont help you in Practical life … You just get knowledge from books.
i did Reading books … and did well in marketing field.
… At last i can say … i am unlucky One on Fiverr.

All I can say is, at least you are not new on Fiverr trying to make it out there! At least it sounds like you made a few sales! Try that new feature they have now! :smiley: . I can’t even do that!

Tell that to the hugely successful publishing industry. If books are so impractical, why do people keep buying them? Information is power… and you can get information from books. It, therefore, seems to me that reading books to gain knowledge is something we can all benefit from. :wink:


OK, maybe we just get knowledge from books. I’ll agree with that. That’s always the starting point and if not combined with action, it is mostly worthless.

If what we are doing isn’t working, maybe a little action AND some additional knowledge will make a positive difference. Or if it makes someone feel better, time to quit and go do something else.

Some aren’t doing as well, some have slow times, others are growing. It’s always a mixed bag, and yes, life isn’t always fair for some periods of time.

You can get lucky on Fiverr and in almost any business situation. Few who are just lucky continue to sustain that success for long periods of time UNLESS they gain enough knowledge and continue to refine/grow and put enough action behind it. (If you’re making easy money, others will try to imitate you, and sometimes do it better than you.)

For the few out there who still believe they can grow, or are looking for ideas to improve their situation, this is an EXCELLENT book:

Worth reading multiple times. (Or get it in audio, I’ve done both, and continue to believe the principles found in it are timeless…)

Everybody has ups and downs in life, on Fiverr, in business. What we did in the past that succeeded won’t always work as well moving forward. I’m glad I wasn’t driving taxis (now that Uber, Lift, and other car sharing services are taking over) and I’m glad I don’t run Sears or JC Penny’s, both of which were VERY strong retailers 20 years ago, and today are struggling to stay in business.

Grow, upgrade, take action and learn… Seems to be a pattern if we pay attention.

This gif helped me in driving a sale :smiley: got $5 order …

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Awesome. 20 characters

Books do help, I have read books about Fiverr, one of them gave me the idea for my most popular gig.

Now if you’re saying that life experiences are more important than books, I can agree somewhat. A great boss that teaches you how to do something can be more valuable than a book, but not everyone gets a great boss, or goes to a great school, which is why we need books.