Let's discuss world famous logos


Here you can post logos that you think is one of the best logos in the world


Reply to @arnevb: Cmon Google’s logo :slight_smile: you really think that Google’s logo is better than Melbourne’s? I can say that Google’s logo is not professional it is more amateurish than professional but maybe I’m wrong and do not understand the logo then you can convince me leading strengths of logo :slight_smile: battle is started :slight_smile: thank you for your opinion but the idea of this post is to make discussion around of favorite logos


Reply to @arnevb: :slight_smile: I agree


ebay have made a massive effort with their new logo =))


Reply to @jeffmoses: yes I think the redesign went to their advantage very well


If you mean shape logos i would say apple or windows. Text logos would be google or bing. if it was a mascot i would say tony the tiger or buzz the bee are pretty recognizable and make me want to eat more cereal.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Apple has a great design in everything :slight_smile: and the windows started from windows 8 has a good design :slight_smile: I don’t like bing’s logo google’s logo is more better, yea i like buzz the bee :slight_smile: