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Let's get to know each other - annual checkups


Do you do an annual check up with your family doctor?

if not, why not?


I don’t do any checkups because of the lack of a family doctor (none of them are serious about their profession), so whatever goes inside my body, well, it can keep on going.


I avoid doctors like I do deadly diseases in the first place. I did have to surrender to one early last year after getting salmonella poisoning but aside from that, I fix everything else myself.

Did you know btw that doctors generally have the shortest average life expectancies? Makes the whole idea of visiting one pretty counter productive really.


Well, the only time I was to a doctor was when I got my appendix removed, which should’ve been an easy surgery, yet I almost died after that surgery led to sepsis/septicemia (ingredients: a careless surgeon who would sing out loud in the surgery room while you’re awake and half paralyzed throwing up from time to time when the doc would pull your bowels out, some less-than-sterile tools, and an infected general city hospital)


I want to like your post. The only problem is, I don’t want to at the same time because it doesn’t really feel appropriate.


Go on, like it, make me feel glad that I’m still alive! :smiley:


This all seems rather personal! :slight_smile:


Okay - anybody want to hear about ‘ladies’ stuff’? No, thought not! :slight_smile:

Why do you feel the need to ask about other peoples’ health lives - as @lloydsolutions says, it is a bit personal.