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Lets get to know each other - potato chips


Let’s get to know each other,

When you eat potato chips, which flavour is your #1?

My sin would be salt & vinegar.


French cheese - but I prefer natural finger chips over industrial chips.


Yum! :yum:


We have these ones in the Canary Islands, you can’t buy them in any other place of Spain, I have to send them to my friends living in Madrid, Cadiz and Barcelona by post

They taste salty


Cream & Onion :yum::yum:


Sour Cream and Onion all the way


Monster Munch - King of crisps, Emporer of flavor & very possibly carcinogenic in large quantities.


My favorite is sliced, lightly seasoned, and baked in the oven, but that’s a pain. Especially with an old oven. :slight_smile:

From the store I usually like plain.


Sour cream and onion c:


Cheese and also the spicy ones.


Cheesy Cheese :yum::yum::yum:


From Denmark:

And Germany:


Two Of My All Time Favourite


Meanwhile in Gujarat


I would not let you take salt and vinegar :joy:


… I looked up @nikavoice 's Kettle chips (the supermarket here has a small selection of those - couldn’t remember which one I liked) and now I’m envious.Backyard Barbecue! Peperoncini!


I also like “Soya chips” made out of “soybean.”


Hahahaha, Kettle chips are the bomb dot com… The ones you shared are interesting, especially the packaging for the 1st one :tiger:. Finding these in The States is going to be hard… Unless I order them online or something. I like curry but never thought about curry flavored chips though.

P.S ~ Maybe you should create a gig “I will send you five different snacks from XYZ for $5” :smile:


You can never have enough Cheese in your life :smiley:


Oh, it gets better: