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Let's get to know each other - tea or coffee?


So…are you a tea or coffee drinker?

How do you take your tea/coffee?

How to ? How it Works?

How do you like yours?


I drink both.

English tea- milk and sugar, sometimes milk only. Even better with scones and cookies.
Green tea- have it straight with mochi snacks.
Coffee- black is OK, milk and sugar is fine too. I need doughnuts to go with it.


Water (20 char…)



when it comes to tea - peppermint tea
I take my coffee XL double milk, double sugar.

I probably should answer my own questions.


I [quote=“miroslavglavic, post:1, topic:126824”]
How do you take your tea/coffee?




a start of a perfect day





I drink both, tbh. I have been drinking more coffee lately though, with 3 Splenda, a fair amount of creamer, and Almond Milk


Tea for life. Tried latte once and it was not a pleasant experience.


If you prick me, you will find that I bleed Nescafe.


You should probably get that checked out


And end up being kidnapped by the FDA and mercilessly milked like a factory farm cow for my caffeiney goodness? No thank you.


You foiled my plan. Rats.



Coffee tastes to me like what I imagine the burnt black crud on the bottom of my oven would taste like.

I like herbal and fruit teas. They make me happy.