Let's get to know each other


You live in a city which is in a country…

Let’s say Fiverr was going to have a convention in your country.

You had to show the convention something about your country.

What about be that ONE thing you would show in your country?

I live in Canada, I would take everyone in a train through the Rocky Mountains.

I was born in Croatia, I’d take you all on a boat tour of all the Dalmatian coast islands.
I have family in Peru, I’d show you all Machu Pichu

Don’t have to state ancestry like I did, up to you. So what would you show about your country? Fiverr pays all expenses in imagination universe.


First of all I would drag them away from the terminal cringe-fest that is a Fiverr convention, but only the people who look like fun–not the boring people with wild eyes dying to mek just one sell, even at a convention filled with tat and Fiverr merch and “inspirational speaking” ( = “look at me, I am more successful than you, peasant”)

Then we’d all go to the bar and/or pub and have fun and bond over trivia and tall tales. I wouldn’t make anyone go and look at things I thought they’d be interested in. If it turned out that people all wanted to pile on to look at Knossos, or the Tower of London or whatever, why not.

Oh, and a greasy kebab/gyros to finish the night off. Fiverr will give the entire group a miserly budget of $5 as it splooshed all its budget on crap merch that nobody likes. The merch will be collected by staff, to be sent onto the next convention–preferably in a nation full of dewy-eyed newbs who are fresh-faced and enthused by Fiverr, yet to be crushed by its many foibles.

Fin. Greece and England.



In my home country, (England) I’d take people to Newcastle on a Friday night and familiarize everyone with all local emergency service numbers After this, we would spectate at the open air swingers party come Jeremy Kyle amphitheater of debauchery which is the city center on the average weekend evening.

We’d then get cheesy chips and gravy before bidding farewell to the masses of great unwashed, our final destination being the local emergency room to find anyone we’d lost along the way.

In my adopted country of Malta, on the other hand, we’d tour the local temples before getting sozzled in a more civilized way. In the morning, we’d then breakfast at my favorite restaurant, all the time poking fun at the locals interpretation of a traditional English breakfast. After this, we’d take the old people’s sightseeing road train and wave and shout like lunatics at people passing by, before being dropped off for a bottle of prosecco and some fried calamari at my second favourite reason where for some reason everyone thinks I’m called Tom.


We used to have a road train, but it got decommissioned :frowning:

It was pretty much the cheapest way up a mountain after a night of getting ratfaced, so I imagine the local taxi mafia but the screws on it. I would like to subscribe to your convention, as it sounds like fun, Tom.


I love the sound of the Newcastle one - did the Great North Run many years ago - nobody wears a coat at night, even when it’s freezing. Cheesy chips and gravy - mmmm!


Where I live now, I’d invite you all to…

Back home in Bochum/Germany, I don’t care what you would like to do - visit some industrial heritage site or some shit - but I’ll have a proper Döner in the meantime.


Huntsville, Alabama , USA
Home of the Space and Rocket Center. Also home to Space Camp.



Bigg Market!

I used to live in Newcastle. :slight_smile:


Unless you have Agoraphobia. :innocent:
I would take you to my hometown Puri during the cart festival.


Those of you who managed to get out of the coalmine @idostuff74 brought you to alive, I´ll take to Burg Satzvey for the Dragonsouls middle ages re-enactment show…no Döner there unfortunately, because we Germans are doing real middle ages, you know, authentic middle ages, if we do something at all, we do it right “Hey, you! Put on the woolen cloak already, take off your glasses and watch and give me your phone too, you´ll get it all back once we make it out alive, but we won´t make it out alive if you´re going to run around here like, unauthentic, buddy!”, but we can have some Ritterspieße and mead while we’re watching.