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So, a potential client requested me to take a call and this happened…

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You used the phrase, “outside of Fiverr”. That is the likely cause of this flagged message.

As @jonbaas said, the keywords “outside Fiverr” triggered the flag.

Don’t worry, I also made the same mistake. The message was cleared in about half a day.

Now I just stick to “Sorry, this isn’t allowed on Fiverr”.

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Oh, I get it know. I actually read, (message was flagged) (for review by our…team) as (message was flagged for review) (by our…team).

So, I thought it was flagged manually because it usually gives a warning before posting a message, like, just try discussing payment gateway integration with a client :slight_smile:

Clearly their system isn’t intelligent enough to detect negation. Now, I’ll stick to “Sorry, this isn’t allowed on Fiverr” too!