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Let's hear your "I really helped a buyer!" stories


Here’s mine: I do voiceovers in the USA. It was after 11 pm and I was about to leave my studio and call it a night when I checked messages one last time. There was a desperate message from a young man in Singapore. He explained that he had hired a Fiverr voiceover guy to narrate a video. The video was going to be shown at the buyer’s girlfriend’s surprise birthday party in 22 hours. The video was an adorable, romantic story put together using Anime character slides. It told the story of this young man’s relationship with his girlfriend and it culminated with a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL! Shortly before the buyer contacted me, the Fiverr seller he had hired to narrate the video cancelled the order, saying he was unable to complete it! This kid was in a fireball panic. Yeah, it was late and yeah, I was exhausted, but there was no way I was going to let this kid down. I knocked out the narration for him, synced it to the video, and now I’m waiting on pins and needles for him to get back to me and tell me what she said!

What’s your “I really helped a buyer!” story?


Great :slight_smile:

I helped so many people with their hacked wordpress setups and dead installation setups. They thanked me for that but they are not like “made someones day”. I guess my job is too technical and less humane to save the day for somebody :confused:


I had a guy that ordered my transcribing gig that needed it in under a day, apologising profusely for it. I worked overnight and finished 20m of transcription - I felt like superwoman. His answer was so appreciative and nice that I think he helped my frail ego more than I helped him xD


Reply to @ryuken: Oh, hush! There is beauty to be found in code! It’s an art, after all.


I do translations and illustrations, and I got an order from an American woman living in Japan, and she was having the hardest time buying stuff at the supermarket since she could not read what was on the labels. She took photos of the labels and begged me to translate them, so I did the translation and added some extra stuff that would help her future shopping. She was extremely pleased and even gave me a tip!

I have done pretty difficult translations before, but translating stuff like

"minced meat from Australia"

“be sure to poke holes in the bag before microwaving”

" low fat and good for your health"

was kind of fun! :smiley:


Reply to @mcromano: That’s what I’m talkin’ 'bout!


Reply to @zeus777: This makes me wish I was multilingual!

  1. I had a girl ordering a gig to “say sorry” to her boyfriend. She ordered my matchsticks stop-motion animation to write some love words, draw a heart with their names, add some romantic music… and she needed it fast:) So I did the job and was happy to know that he actually forgave her… she was happy and wrote about it as feedback.

  2. One man wanted to make his presentation Power Point moving… and he had a meeting the next day… so he chose my stop-motion gig as well, and during one evening I animated 4 complex screens with logo. He got the video… and I felt really… like… important:)


Good topic! There’s some great stories here.

I’ve had a few “getting buyers out of jams” orders but I think my most helpful moment had to do with educating a buyer. She was just breaking into wholesale orders for a fashion line she’d created. Through the process of organizing and interpreting her ideas I had to kind of teach her a new language of common terms for the industry. We ended up having great side conversations about her business in general and marketing herself that the ordered gig almost became a side note. The true gig was the help I gave her presenting her work and herself to a new market.

I’m a sucker for helping people out and providing knowledge when I can. Sometimes such a seemingly simple piece of information for one person can be life changing for another!


Definitely a great topic. Well…

2am turned off my computer and went to bed, ready to sleep when i got email on my mobile about a message on fiverr. This young man was replacing his company’s old website with the new one but some how he messed up and none of the site were displaying and had no backup of his old website either. He was sure he is going to loose his job because of this.

i got up and started working on his website and after spending 4 hours continuously we got his website back.

I didn’t know if he was going to order more gigs to cover my time or not, but i knew that he will not loose his job tomorrow morning when he goes to office and it i felt great satisfaction.