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Lets Help each other through Clients Referrals

We can help each other, when we don’t have the requirements or talent a client need by referring him to one of Us who has the talent.

It is a very good practice where as a Team, we circulate our clients and make them enjoy any service they need within Us.


No, not really because you would have to really know the person you are referring to, so he is not a scammer and hurts you by you sending a client to him and he then rips the client off. You both lose clients then.

Do you have people on Fiverr that you know 100% can deliver and are not scammers so you can refer your client to them?


You are right, but You can refer to only those you know 100%, like you now, if we get to know each other, I can refer a client to you.

I will be grateful to know you.


You can’t know how someone works unless you actually work with them.

This isn’t like getting to know someone and their interests. This is a completely different thing.

They need to prove themselves. On several projects.

Otherwise you are just creating a sure fire way of losing a client’s trust.


Very bad idea… You can’t recommet anyone if you are not 100% sure that this freelancer is a great professional. Also, we all have met many scammers, even here on Fiverr forum, so you can’t be sure that someone from this Forum is a good person, not a scammer and a great high level professional. You can recomment only someone from your team, if you have a team, or someone you already worked with


If there is one thing I value a lot is honesty. I’m always honest to my Buyers even if it means losing a job. The returning buyers I have are really appreciative of that. I wouldn’t risk losing the trust my two returning buyers by refereeing them to someone else unless I’m 100% sure that Seller would do a good job. And the truth is, I don’t know anyone here enough to do that. So sorry, it’s a nope for me.


To be honest, I have already recommended sellers to buyers on Fiverr.

Those were the cases when I wasn’t sure if I would meet their needs because of lack of my skills.

I read a lot on this forum and have realised who I could recommend based on user’s opinions, profile, experience, success, problem solving attitude, wisdom, etc.

So in case I can’t do something for buyer, I have a few names in my pocket and can safely recommend them.

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There’s nothing wrong with sending buyers to other sellers per se.

The concept of creating a circle of sellers just to “share buyers” so that members of said circle will all benefit by taking turns servicing clients, is what’s troubling.

Completely disregarding project fit, not to mention whether a seller is truly aligned with a buyer’s culture, mentality and needs is precisely why this wouldn’t work and why sellers who started linking the idea have very few sales (If any).


I do agree, absolutely with you.
I’m not a fan of creating referral circles either. My motivation was to help client only.

I appreciate with you

@blavaro and @frank_d,

As usual the most valuable posts on this thread as well as many others, are made my the two men with beards. :bearded_person:t2:


No team works that. It’s collaboration, not referral.

Why would your competitors help you get jobs?

It’s also highly unfair to a buyer to recommend a seller just to give that seller a favour. Recommendations need to based on merit, suitability and value. You haven’t even bought something from someone and you want to recommend them? Sellers would just lie to do this.

Sellers would start making sales if they stopped thinking of what they want and start thinking about what buyers want instead of trying to find ways to game the system.

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I have recommended someone here, but I certainly cannot recommend someone who:

  • never interacts in the forum (likes and thanks aren’t counted because it doesn’t tell me anything about them and their work ethics)
  • doesn’t have a track record on their profile
  • seems desperate for jobs