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Guys collect and check out my gig and I will make sure to collect back yours.

This article is very helpful and very interesting thanks for sharing :)

i was practical Keep on Posting


Reply to @silentsword18:

Collected yours, great gig!

Anyone else?

Hello !

Cool gigs you offer :slight_smile:

I collected yours in Rainbow’s collected

here are mine :

Done! your turn!

Hi. This is my latest gig. This can help sellers in promoting their gigs. Very effective. Please collect and share it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just collected all of your gigs. Here is mine:

new one collect please

Reply to @psychicrainbow:

collected, thanks!

@bhasonson: done

@tumichael: done

@reesedr: done

@silentsword18: done

anyone else??

Come on guyss :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump guysss, come on !

Hi, I have collected your gig.

Here are mines:


Done :slight_smile: !


Collect My Gig


Collected all

please promote my gigs.

thank you!



Hello, I am a calligrapher. Will you collect my gig? I collected yours.


@facebook85 - collected

@architects_bom - collected

@h_dexter - done

@nicecalligraphy - done :slight_smile: