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Let's help Fiverr to clean User Requests?

Hi all,

I’ve read about sellers posting on the Buyers Request section and it really is bad to everyone. This user: I can’t say the name - posted their offer in a way that to me looked like a Gig…The text: “Need a banner like this: link to her’s profile”.

Well, just sending the printscreen to Fiverr is enough?

My kindly regards,

readed is not a word

I read books
I read books last week
I will read book next week

Both the present and past tense are same

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Thank you. Will fix that!

Also, posting fiverr usernames to “shame” them is against Fiverr TOS.

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But how to avoid this kind of people doing also things against the rules? We can’t say anything about something wrong that is There?

The way it was explained to me by CS is that you have to take screen caps and send it in to them. Even this doesn’t help for the long term. It would be nice if they had moderators of some sort dedicated to weeding out adverts and actually allowing buyers to post their jobs with ease as opposed to the hassle that many are encountering.

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Name shaming is against the rules. If you keep it up, you will be one being cleaned up

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Ok…no names…just the topic… :slight_smile:

Will do that! Thanks @topaz_muse!!!