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As I am reading through the Forum today, I saw some complain about some seller face some hacker and some one also got their account hacked.

If you receive a message, how can you determine it is from a hacker and not legit customer?

  • will offer you big project and big money for easy work
  • will ask your personal contact (facebook, gtalk, etc.)
  • WILL ASK YOUR PHONE NUMBER for address verification purposes.
  • will ask you to work outside Fiverr
  • he has really a bad ENGLISH GRAMMAR ( I know mine is bad also but not as bad as his grammar :slight_smile: )

    How did I knew these?

    To be honest, someone also contacted me to work outside fiverr with $500 project for just easy work, He asked my facebook account, he asked me to work outside Fiverr, HE IS ASKING FOR MY PHONE NUMBER FOR ADDRESS VERIFICATION PURPOSES.

    At that time, I did not really knew he was a hacker, but I did not think twice and I hit the report button. I also submit a support ticket that someone ask me to work outside Fiverr. I did it because I don’t want to violate Fiverr TOS not because I think he was a hacker.

    How I knew he was a hacker now? In the forum, I saw someone posting the hacker name and also he experience the same as mine.

    Being loyal and honest to Fiverr really a big thing :slight_smile:

    Hope this will help others too especially newbie seller.



Check this forum post :

they violated fiverr terms by sharing and contacting each other outside fiverr i have already reported them!


Agreed 100% - always click the report button if someone provides contact information that is not relevant to a gig of course.


Thanks! That should be known all along fiverr - every seller! :slight_smile:


breathe Resuscitation.

Here we are 5-years later. :hushed:

I’m thinking what I was doing back then. :thinking: