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Lets help newcomers

Hi, In the situation of pandemic lets help newcomers who came to fiverr with a lot of hope and passion
Give work to new people who just started and give them a chance and moment of happiness so they can built their confidence and try more harder for themselves. Lets be helping hands for those who wanna do something and prove themselves.


Newcomers will have to earn their orders just like everyone else does: Through hard work and effective marketing.


indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to do something as a newcomer you can also start reading this forum.
I see you have only 4 min read time here and that means that you missed all amazing advices that you could’ve found searching this forum.


yeah I am also new here and still learning about this platform. No doubt this is a great platform to learn more about fiverr and beautiful fiverr community.

i am new to fiverr :+1: