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Greeting! I’m new. I just published my first gig.


Greetings. Welcome to Fiverr.

One suggestion for your gig: You say you write 1500-2000 words but the “number of words” box defaults to “7” and changing that to 2000 changes the price of the gig from $40 to $190. Maybe have it default to something else.


Hi Dija, I’m Maita :sunny: Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a link for you to check. It’s a free course provided by Fiverr - you might find it helpful. :wink:

Also, please don’t forget to carefully read Fiverr’s TOS to avoid getting into trouble. You’ll find it at the bottom of Fiverr’s main page.


I sure will. Thanks a lot.

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Alright. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hey, how are you liking Fiverr so far?

When you’re angry, do you become Maita :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:?

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Good, I guess :slight_smile: I’m barely up to a week, so I still have so many things to learn :blush:

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And even worse!!! According to @hum_on_the_go I throw fire through my eyes… So, for the sake of preserving your own integrity, you better not mess with me… :joy: :innocent:

You’re most welcome Dija! :slightly_smiling_face:

Try searching the forum :mag:, there are lots of useful advice and information. Most of any seller’s doubts have been answered, yet, if you don’t seem to find it, just give us a shout and we’ll try to help as much as we all can. :wink: