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Let's make fiverr the world's largest market

Start online trading
To make customers online through fiverr
Having all necessary facilities
Make the largest market in the world
fiverr, propose to move to a larger market


Is this supposed to be a list of suggestions for Fiverr staff? Start online trading of what? Advertising of what? (Fiverr already does ads all over.) Fiverr is already one of the biggest freelance platforms. Honestly, this post does not make sense to me in Site Suggestions and I also wouldn’t know where to move it.


Should this be a list of proposals for the fiverr staff? Yes
What Does the Internet Trade Begin?Consumer Various sales of goods (like other merchandising networks)
(The advertisements are already in public). Not that
What’s advertising? Consumer Advertisements (charged)
Then the Consumer of the fiverr network can be increased

Your thread’s title

Let’s make fiverr the world’s largest market

@fonthaunt answer

My answer as @fonthaunt

Fiverr is already the world’s largest market place for freelancers.


Sorry, this still just makes no sense. I don’t know what Queen you are talking about and if it’s supposed to be a joke, it’s in the wrong place.

Fiverr is a platform for freelance services. Retail goods can be sold and shipped by sellers although it’s not Fiverr’s main purpose. Fiverr isn’t set up to be a merchandise network or whatever and it doesn’t need to be, it’s doing well as-is.

This is two contradictory statements.

More users are coming everyday. Why would Fiverr want to spend more to do what is already happening? It seems like you are just trying to rewrite something you have read somewhere, and it doesn’t really fit the Fiverr model.


I’m very puzzled and confused here.

The Queen’s Staff? The first thing that comes to mind is the Queen of :uk:? Please elaborate!

Like Fiverr headquarters around the world? Again, can you clarify?

Why would they need to relocate?

Provide some examples.


Umm :face_with_monocle: what ?


you are correct
If there is a way to do everything on the same network
The whole world will be a great market
I did not do a joke
It was a proposal

No one seems to understand your proposal. it seems to be something that you just wrote as a reason to make a post. If you have a real proposal, why not just be clear about it? If you don’t really know what you are proposing or how to write it, then perhaps you should use Conversations and just chat with others.


Terminate it.


Fiverr is already largest marketplace. Moreover, it has been providing awesome opportunities for experts and newbies.
Fiverr needs us to show 100% compliance on ToS and following it we would surely rank our profile. So is worthwhile return from Fiverr as well.

Thank you Fiverr