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Let's make the world a better place - donate our tips to charity

We have this wonderful option nowadays to receive tips. It would be wonderful if we could turn every tip we receive into a donation to a charity. Of course, and that’s probably the tricky part, I would suggest (actually, kind of demand) that the 20% commission on the tip goes to the charity as well.

Of course, users who really need the money from tips should be able to keep the tip money. In other words, donating to charity should be opt-in, not opt-out or mandatory.

There would be multiple approaches for this function to work practically.
One would be to have a monthly or quarterly changing charity that receives the money. Another approach would be for Fiverr to partner up with some charities working in different fields and different parts of the world and the user could select one charity he/she would like to donate to.

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Great idea, but surely benevolent sellers could simply donate their tips, or anything else they wanted, to their own choice of charity?


I like the idea. If fiverr partners with a couple charities you can donate to on demand, why not.

Of course, but then 20% of the charity money (actually more, because there is also withdrawal fees ,exchange rate losses as well as taxes in some instances) is disappearing in the void.

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a ‘donate all my tips to x charity’ opt-in option. I’d like to choose my charity rather than Fiverr giving me a shortlist. I don’t care if Fiverr donates it’s 20% commission or not; that’s up to them.

It would be an option that charities can sign up (as long as they are registered as such in a country). In that case, you would only need to get your charity of choice to sign up.

Actually, I don’t have a moral objection against Fiverr covering costs, but I would have objections against them making profit at the expense of money that could have gone to charity. However, I reckon that the expenses over tips are quite low, as it is basically an automated system and the number of cancellations and human interventions is quite small, as tips are done intentionally after the gig has been delivered.

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What world are you living in?

If you want to give your tips to charity no one is stopping you.


Definitely Not this Universe. :smirk:

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I think that’s great

Great idea but for me it’s a big trust issue. There are charities out there who seem to be taking “their share” out of people’s donations.
I personally like to donate to a cause where I can be certain the money goes 100% to people in need.


Well, I guess my wording was not right (not a native speaker of English), but I meant to say that it would be some sort of dealbreaker for me if Fiverr would take financial profit from the benefits to charity (I don’t mind them using it as a marketing tool!). If too much of the money would not reach the intended target, I would still send a message to my customers upon delivery stating that they don’t need to tip me, instead they can make a bank transfer to a charity. Since this would add additional steps to the process (paying within Fiverr is really easy, especially if a buyer is a seller as well) the outcome would probably be lower for Fiverr (no marketing gain), the charity as well as for me.

I also strongly believe that it would be a stupid decision businesswise to levy a commission (again, I understand that they make costs) on the tips to charity as well. It would make Fiverr seem too greedy.

That’s a lovely idea but … they want YOU to get the tip. That’s the point.

And there is no way fiverr is going to give it’s 20% to charity. They are here to make money.

You could put a note in your final message when you deliver that you are donating all your tips to charity.
Some sellers also have tip gigs that state the money will go to charity.

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I have to say this kind of “idea” irritates me.
Why do people need any reminding that there are charities out there that are constantly in need? Why are people that fickle that they will only donate money when the option is pushed into their face? Why does giving to charity need to be made into such a “big deal”?

Find charities you are interested in, check how they work, how much they spend on salaries and admin, the results of their work so far etc and then choose to give to those charities regularly and in lump sums whenever you feel like it. Having worked in the charity sectors, I know that a regular giver is absolutely cherished but they don’t get much attention as the fundraising department is too busy trying to get in people’s faces.
It is necessary to put some sort of bow on a message about starving children to ensure people will donate.
How much better would it be if people just gave what they could, when they could to the charity they have researched instead?


Echoing what @eoinfinnegan said, it also does not have to be a Charity.
I was a monthly donator for “Red Cross” for over a decade, up until a drastic alteration in my personal life.
They had two options for donations:

  • Donate for a special situation
  • Donate for “Where the need is the Greatest” (I chose the latter)

Also, IF you want to help people, money isn’t always needed, DONATING YOUR TIME to volunteer at local centers where they need HUMAN resources is the best kind of DONATION one can give.

My current philanthropic works involves helping kids. Instead of donating money to Orphanages, I ask my mom/dad to do special groceries for the entire orphanage, meaning special Basmati Rice, CHICKEN, stuff people in South Asian countries would consider FEASTING ingredients, and I send that to them. Imagine the kids getting to enjoy SPECIAL CHRISTMAS LIKE dinner, once a month.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.
If you are a true humanist, you would set yourself apart by being a true Leader to help the mankind.


Every time I pay for groceries the cashiers have to ask "do you want to donate a dollar to (whatever charity they are helping that month.)

I’m starting a non profit organization to help animals. I also volunteer my time helping animals and the homeless. I wouldn’t like to be guilt tripped with a charity plea when I purchase a gig on fiverr. I need a break from that sometimes.


it is needed also for jobless people, they are struggling a lot in their own circumstance :slight_smile:

If it weren’t for Fiverr, perhaps some of us here would be jobless and struggling.

I think it’s great when Fiverr does the odd charity related fund raising - Breast Cancer t-shirts etc., but it’s not their business plan.

As @misscrystal and @eoinfinnegan have said, there are many everyday opportunities to give to charities, and @djgodknows has found a really great way to help as well.


Of course, these are all valid arguments. This is why, if implemented, it shouldn’t be mandatory, perhaps not even for those leaving tips to me. And of course I do understand that there are plenty of people for which even a small tip of $4 makes a real difference.

Donating tips to charity is also not the only thing I do to support organisations that do good work. It’s just part of the mix (and the only thing I do that involves a financial transaction).

I think that’s a very interesting idea, though I believe that due to budget constraints Fiverr will have to limit the amount that will go to charity for less than 20%, otherwise its profitability will be cut by over-donations.

Yet, I like what you’re saying.

Great idea! This is a really great one to raise the funds and helping the needy people for making a world a better place. Donation is great cause of humanity where people can help those communities who are less fortunate. For making the world a better place, many people are also engaging in a volunteering program for helping the communities. I also came across this site where people can become a volunteer for helping the poor people and support them.

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