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Let's Make this 8 Year-Old Girl's Wish Come True!

Safyre Terry is an 8-year-old who wants enough Christmas cards to fill her aunt’s Christmas tree.

In 2013, Safyre was involved in an arson fire that killed her father, 3-year-old sister, 2-year-old brother, and 11-month-old half-brother. She was found near her father, whose body shielded her from the flames and saved her life. She suffered severe burns on 75% of her body.

Her Christmas wish is to fill her card tree with cards from all across the world. I strongly encourage anyone to participate or even just help spread the word around.

If we get together as a community, and each send her a Holiday greeting, we could make her wish come true.

If you don’t want to deal with the shipping, order your cards and send them to, we’ll have them printed and sent to Safyre’s home.

This is great! I will definitely spread the word. I have two younger sisters who would love to help this girls wish come true :slight_smile:

No, this is not another story. Both are about the same girl. Definitely, her little wish will be fulfilled grandly.

Card is on its way and message shared on social media! Thanks for sharing with the community Natalie!

Message shared on social media. Thanks Nat for sharing this story, we’ll try to make her dream true!

My Comment was removed because I was spamming

I will pray for her.
From my bottom of heart .God may fulfill her each and every wishes .
God bless her!

Seriously? I tend to get pretty upset/annoyed when I see spam messages, but
ramjanulhaque, your spam actually made me cringe.
This post is for a little girl who just wants Christmas cards, not spammers.

I guess I’ll be sending a card to her from Japan! Hopefully she’ll get cards not just from the states, but other countries too. :slight_smile:

Great Initiative by Fiverr…As iam from India… is there any alternative to send her a card…

You can send us a digital card, to, we’ll print it out and mail to her on your behalf

I will be sending a card from India.I will pray for her that she will stay happy forever :slight_smile:

I will must be sending a card from Bangladesh, I think when she get this gift, she feel very much Happy.

Allah will listen you, and definitely you will get a card from me, your Christmas tree will be full of cards.

Sending a card from Malaysia! Tq for sharing!

thanks for sharing . Wish her dream come true .

Praying for this little girl and her family!

I am gonna send a card from Bangladesh :* Hope the card reaches in time x

The card on the way.


This is for Safyre Terry. " hello dear, this year santa will surprise you with the greatest gift of your life", My wishes