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Lets make your gigs lucky!


Hi there… not getting enough attraction for your gigs?

You may be creative but you need a bit of luck with you. Im right here for you !!

Its proven that there are things in this world which can bring luck to people which include

Four-leaf clover, laughing Buddha, Beckoning cat, Ladybugs ,No. 7, Lucky Horseshoes etc…

“Lucky red seeds” also known as Circassian Seeds or Jumbie Beads, are one among those lucky things which welcomes luck for you and same is the reason why it got the name "Lucky red seeds"

Its said that - "If you believe the Lucky Red Seeds, luck will always be with you"

One more thing that makes them very special as compared to other seeds is that they never get old and will have the same bright red color even after many years !!!

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I will do image editing with Photoshop for $5