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Let's not be discouraged

Heey everyone, I know I’m new on Fiverr and that I created my first 3 gigs but no orders. I know I can’t expect it yet because I’m on this platform only 3 days. But I have a question - what if there won’t be any orders at all? Do I really have to promote myself on social medias or elsewhere? I want to hear about your experience and after how long did you get your first order? And what after that?

Also I don’t want to be discouraged or anybody else new here. I hope you will answer me and share your experience with me! It will mean a lot for me and for many new on this platform! :smiley: :heart:


I am also new at fiverr,I hope that we both should get order soon.And remember my one think success can not be achieved without hard work. We will get the fruit soon.

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Well, I know you look for other answers but I checked out your gigs and the one “I will write urgent essays and creative essays” may get in trouble because of possible TOS violation.

Type word “Essay” here in search to get more information about that topic.


I see you have an essay writing gig.

You need to delete this gig as it is likely to be removed at any time.

Also you need to remove the reference to essays from your translation gig.

Helping with academic work is a violation of the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as you are risking your account.


thanks, I appreciate it

thank you a lot with this advice!

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I got my first order after 3 months, In a saturated category. Sharing on social media should help. Having a unique selling point that set you apart from different sellers, and the all important Fiverr algroithm, if you’re lucky it can put you on first page of category, which should help with sales. None of these things will guarantee orders though, its up to you to have a product people want to buy.

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Dear Petra,

Don’t worry too much about it, you’ll soon wish they would stop ordering!!! :slight_smile:
But here are some things you can do to improve this:

  • make sure your gig is as straight forward as possible and describes your activity as accurate as possible.
  • have as much promo material available as possible. Buyers appreciate it when they can actually see what you can do. Uploading a translation that you did previously will definitely help project confidence and gain your buyer’s trust.
  • use social media to spread the word about your little endeavor here. It’s totally free and very powerful! It will attract business like nothing else.
  • check the “buyers requests” section daily. That’s where buyers post their requests there every day. You may not get much from there but it’s definitely a start. You’re looking to get a few good orders in and some nice reviews which is vital.
  • and lastly, have a look at "Learn from Fiverr" courses. There is a free one which I found to be incredibly helpful for new buyers. They explain everything and definitely help you build your profile in a way which has a sell value and is very buyer friendly.

That’s all from me.
Have patience and be active on the site, this will soon happen for you.


Thanks a lot for your help and advices :slight_smile:

The first thing you have to do is wait a while and continue to market the give on social media.I received my first order. On the ninth day, I hope you will too. :heart_eyes:

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i suggest try to browse the article on this forum, there are tons of advice.
read a lot and you will learn alot.

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