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This is my go-to cup. The first thing in the morning I drink coffee from it . . . actually, I drink coffee from it most of the morning. It is a BIG cup! Later in the day, I make myself a nice hot mug of Inka. Thanks to @Woofy31 for getting me hooked on Inka when he posted a picture of it in the favorite chocolate thread! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It was a Christmas present and I love it! (Yes, I have a clear plastic table clothe because the grandkids are hard on my oak table with all of their spills.)

Take a picture of your favorite cup and post it here in the comments.


I don’t have a side view, but this will do - I’m a big mug fan! Still not as big as I’d wish, but works for now :crazy_face:


Still looking for this one, but haven't found it yet



that looks pretty darn big!
I guess I’ll be posting my cup tomorrow…

Is MTN MAMA from the song Country Road??


It could be. I live in the Rocky Mountains and I got it from my son so that is why I love it.


I have a beautiful old lime green Fiesta mug if you know what that is Vicky.
I stopped using it when I had a blood test for heavy metals and it showed a tiny amount of arsenic. I understand that’s not unusual in today’s polluted world but still… now I’m a little bit paranoid of all mugs. So the fiesta mug sits on the shelf unused. I go out for coffee from Starbucks.
I really love this mug…(this is a pic of one like it)


Why Miss Crystal green is my favorite color. I love Fiestaware. We have the now discontinued cinnabar color new Fiesta Ware dishes. Homer Laughlin stopped all use of depleted uranium oxide in 1972 and it is not used in Fiesta Dinnerware which is produced today. Since we got our set in the last 20 years I think we are safe.


However, your Vintage Chartreuse Fiestaware mug was made between 1951 - 1959 so it is not safe. But you could always get your self a modern Fiestaware mug! image There are a lot of styles.

I collect depression glass. I love the bright colored ones. I would love to have a multicolored set.


I have some of the old Radioactive Red Fiestaware. It’s such a gorgeous orange red and it’s kind of fun to know it is radioactive. I wouldn’t use it for food or drinks though!

That peach color is nice. There was a deep purple too that I liked. That’s the first cinnabar I’ve seen. It’s beautiful.


The Cinnabar matches my dining room walls.


Oh my I may need to dust my candle flame!


This is my daily cup.
It’s hand painted by a local artist who past away few years ago, the one and the only.


@chrisdata Wow those are gorgeous!


He hand-painted each one? Or did he created the design for the cups? If he hand-painted each one that would be pretty pleasing because each one would be a bit different from the others.


I bet your dining room is pretty especially at night with those candles lit. That’s a great color Vicky. Is that textured paint or textured walls? I always love walls with texture.


My house is old and has textured walls. The paint is textured too.


It’s hand painted each one, in a set, total of 25 pieces. :slight_smile:

I opened a small cafe few years back and I asked the artist to made me the sets for my cafe, unfortunately, after 2 years he passed away. :frowning:


Thank you for showing us those. So pretty. I can just taste the jasmine tea when I look at those.


Do you still own your cafe?


Nope, closed down and Im work on fiverr full-time now. :smiley:


Sorry for the large pic but the mug next to bowl is the one I have and is the new favorite since the one that said coffee in several different languages had to be retired. This is the best cup for enjoying a Gevalia Mocha Latte - just not during work hours as it produces a tendency to just reclaim and sip away.


Your dishes are similar to my Fiestaware dishes.