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Lets Play a Game 🎮🎲🖱🖥💻


Go to Google images, search your first name and then “meme”. Post the first image you see here.



Please note:
This is a quote from Eoin McLove - a fictional character from an Irish comedy TV series called Father Ted. Youtube it, you won’t be sorry.
It was the first Eoin Meme that showed up for me…


I couldn’t use the first ones because I would have had to flag them. :smiley: This was the first one I saw with my name and “meme” that was for public view!



Found bunch of other memes but some of them either contain Arabic language which most won’t understand or inappropriate words. So had to go with this one. :sob::sob:

This is probably how the buyer I’m working with is feeling right now. I’ve extended the delivery date for like 3 times or even more. LOL :joy:


Good day youssef! And I am glad you did not choose:flushed: any memes with bad words.


Getting :black_flag:ed is not good. You were wise :owl:





my name is a Latin American name of course haha


memeLet me take a selfie


Actually, it’s the 4th meme.
A kind of reality of mine :stuck_out_tongue:










First one that wasn´t either that little girl who is all over the Mila memes now (not sure if her parents are doing that or if little kids do that themselves nowadays but either way I don´t want to post it) or Mila Kunis:




Really nice and very funny :joy::joy: