Let's play a game!


One person comments a wish. You grant it but corrupt that wish.

Example -
Person 1 - “I wish I had a Ferrari.” :heart_eyes:
Person 2 - “Granted but it doesn’t have an engine.” :joy:

My wish - I wish I get 2 billion dollars tax free.


Granted! But you can only use it to buy VHS tapes :slight_smile:


I wish that I was a famous best selling author :slight_smile:


Thanks god you didn’t say drive prius for entire life. :joy:


Granted but you only write about Donald Trump. :joy:


Granted but you need to be in a government then, not fiverr :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish, I have everything with love :heart_eyes:


Oh no! But I can’t stand writing about politics! Well played :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Granted! But you also will got a king kong


Well played :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: @abidagfx


Granted but you’ve to watch “Pen pineapple apple pen” video 500 times a day. :joy:


Fun game! I wish I could teleport to anywhere on earth.


Granted but you don’t have control over where to go. Whenever you teleport, you end up at a completely random place. :joy:


Oh gee thanks, I just landed in some desert at night and I’m in my pajamas! :smiley:


I wish I had more time to complete all of my projects.


Granted but then you will have to go stay with a relative for two weeks (without internet) while they recover from bursitis.


Pfft. Alright… now I… wish I had internet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Granted but it’s so slow that websites time out before they even load.


I wish that someone corrupts my wish :stuck_out_tongue:


Granted whatever you ask for, your neighbor gets double of that. :joy: