Let's post our gigs here and share our honest opinions on them?


So hey guys. Um… One month. Three gigs. One order (thank you very much, you are very generous). Every gig has traffic, people see it, click on it, but they decide not to buy it. I don’t know what’s the issue. The price is pretty symbolic, bc all I’m interested in is a good rep on here. For now. I’ll be forever grateful, if you check them out and share your honest brutal impressions with me. I’ll do the same for you. Please check my gigs and post your gigs if you need opinion. Thanks.





I think fiverr don’t allow people to buy each other’s gig. They are very strict about that. They might disable your account


damn but why do they care, they get like 20%


It sounds like a breach of ToS. I know in the real world, this sounds like a good idea, but on Fiverr is just won’t wash.


Here is the same problem. Check out my gig and give me your valuable opinion -


I love all your gigs, they are all professional. I don’t see a single issue, but maybe it is because of my lack of experience. Do you use buyers request regularly? They always have stuff to convert into vector, make sure to use all 10 offers everyday. Good luck!


fiverr_gig20_jai maa Shibani

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