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Let's Promote Gig for great success ! : Discussion


Helllo, Fiverr Lovers and my friends

I am Level 2 Seller here and have been making money since 2013 on fiverr. I am getting all clients from fiverr but i want to extend my business of graphic designing, so that fiverr can add passive income to my account.

My skills are impressive and effective. I am posting this thread to discuss on the following topic.

  1. To get maximum benefit from fiverr, How many gigs should be active at a time?

    My experience: Deactivate all the gigs excepting one on which you want to get sales. This formula works and i found, from the next morning a lot of impressions and sales.

    Is it really true ??? (Or many gig active at a time bring more orders)

  2. What are some best place to promote Graphic designing business, That really pull’s hungry crowd?

  3. Please share your experience to make passive income for living?



I don’t think of it as being tricky. Just offer services you are really good at and you already see people buying on Fiverr. Offer a better product at a competitive price. Try to be the best person someone will work with on Fiverr. After about 18 months, I have to pause gigs to control the amount of orders.

I do rotate gigs just to give me a variety of different things to do. While continuing to take orders from repeat customers.


first join i got huge visitor and now nothing. im not a perfect person i do make mistake on my work too i think thats way everybody leave now.