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Let's see what happens


I informed customer support about stopping male users from using copyrighted image of a random female and pretending like a female. I think this is very unethical way to get orders.

I’ll update this thread when I get a reply. What do you think about this?


Instead of wasting your time , you should focus on your gigs


Yeah I’m going to make some good gigs soon. I couldn’t resist my self from reporting it. BTW are you one of them? JK


I’ve heard it said quite a few times that females have an edge on fiverr. I think that’s interesting. It’s usually males who have the advantage most of the time (That’s why J.K Rowling now writes under a male pen name). Anyway, if there are buyers choosing sellers based on gender, than I don’t think that’s right, and just like I don’t think it’s okay for J.K Rowling to use a male pen name, I don’t think it’s okay for males to pretend to be females on fiverr. I suppose I would say they have the right to do it, but it always upsets me when people are discriminated against based on gender. I think that it’s the responsibility of every individual to stand up for their own respective gender and not give in to societal pressure. When Rowling writes under a male pen name it almost seems like she’s the one saying that women can’t be expected to write decent crime thrillers. I don’t understand why female sellers would have an advantage, but if that’s true I think it’s incredibly unfair to male sellers.


Yes I’m glad you understand it.That’s the reason for this discussion.