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Let's see your World Domination?

Hi guys and gals,

Wanted to throw out there a bit of a challenge. Show your world domination!

For those wondering where to find it, check out the Analytics section close to the bottom

of the page.

Thank you,


I’m at 26%.

It’s a fun little graphic, but doesn’t really impact what I’m doing here.


Sadly I am at 0%… :frowning: not cool at all… :frowning:

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I’m at 18%

Very little :laughing:

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I am at 61%


My own is 4% because most of my clients are from the US and the UK. It’s still fun to check though.

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I’m 38% but I’m no where in search, that’s pretty SAD

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Congratulations! that is really impressive!


Why is that? did you try different browsers, keywords, etc.?

Wow!! Keep Going :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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I’m Level two seller on fiverr working since 2018 and I have completed almost 4000 orders.
BUT its been a Month My gig is not appearing in search and not even on any page. I do share my gig on social media daily and got new order too. but can’t see my gig anywhere.

Any help?

LOL thanks! It’s taken almost 10 years on here to get there! :+1:t4: :two_hearts:

and many more…


Mine is 24%. :slight_smile:

It’s very hard to increase this value after 20%.

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I would try reaching out to CS and see what they say. This happened to me a while back and there was indeed an issue which they managed to fix. As long as you still get new orders I wouldn’t worry too much.

You are right… same story here.

I am at 2% and I am happy :grin: :stuck_out_tongue:

Excuse me . How can I see it?

I can only new order through social media or old buyers there is no order from new buyers.

I have started last December and my World Domination rate is 2%

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