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Lets shamelessly self-promote


Lets all post one of our gigs that we’re most excited about :slight_smile:

Here’s my new original gig: I write whatever you want with any type of beads. Using my favorite colorful lettered beads is PERFECT for children’s product promotion and anything that has to do with kids really. My mom used to own a Faux Bijoux business and she has a lot of beads and material that I wanted to make use of.

What’s yours? :slight_smile:


@reesedr done !! :slight_smile:

And nice gigs you guys :smiley:


We have collected your gigs! Please collect our three gigs :slight_smile:


Don’t know why but I really hope this one takes off :slight_smile:


I will make a super duper professional Banner for your website or business… HUGE DISCOUNTS available…


It would be really nice if atleast one of my gigs took off.


I can write instrumental jingles :smiley: and voice if needed


Pleased to be getting interest in this. :slight_smile:


@matt_garry you make excellent musiiiicc I just listened to your sample !! Whoaa

And @oldbittygrandma It’s an honor that the forum’s top poster just posted on my discussion ahhh :’)


Reply to @sherineza: thank you I am so glad you liked it


hii @madmoo, i’m so glad you commented. I’v seen your gig before and showed it to my mom as well. She really loved it !! Very creative… Best of lluck with it :slight_smile:

it’s quiet similar to my gig btw, i just use beads instead :slight_smile:


Hi just added a GIG i am most excited about.

What you people say about this?


please you all should check out my gigs at and order for anyone of yours promise to serve you better you could also try this


check out this one


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Thanks, i’m Struggling very hard to promote my GIGs. :slight_smile:


YESS!!Get 3 of your pictures with BACKGROUND removed/replaces and the next 17 images for just $5.

Please Check out my gig here and collect it:


Here’s one of mine


Hi, sherineza! I’ve always checked out your gigs, and I’ve always been a big fan, especially since we’re living in the same country! Either ways, I really really liked your gig, as you said it’s perfect for kids’ events. I hope I have an event soon so I can order it.

Also, thank you for suggesting the promotion. I really need somewhere to promote my dying gigs. My best gig, one that you have ordered and absolutely liked is creating a blog for you.

Please guys, read my description if interested, I truly appreciate it.

Here’s the link:


Oh heyy @Kamrswirls :smiley:

Yes your gig is definitely one of my favorite !! Thanks again for being so patient with me and responding to all the small details I wanted! You are AWESOME man. MUCH LOVE


Just collected yours.

Here are mine