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Lets Share About 1st Order


Lets Share :smiley:
After how many days , weeks , months , year you got your first order ?


I made my account at the end of February of this year, my gigs were up and running around February 27th and my first order says March 4th. So it took me like a week to get my first order.
I made it to Level 1 two months later and even though May and April were very inconsistent in terms of orders, for my 3rd month here May has been very solid. I expect things to get even better soon :smiley:



I made my account in October but didn’t really started using it until December. I got my first order in January. Then I become Level seller in March. April was good for me but May has been quite slow.


I made my account in December 2012 got my first order after 2 days


I got my first order after only three days. But I really killed myself the first month that I sold on Fiverr. I was doing ten pages of writing (about 3,000 words) for $5. It was a lot of work, but I got my first batch of orders really quickly and was able to raise my prices after making it to level one in just a little over a month. I see a lot of people get annoyed at new sellers for charging so little, but it’s really the easiest way to break in to the market.


I signed up on 14th of February and got 1st order with in first week through BR. When I got level one I sent Thank you message to my first buyer, she trust me with no reviews/new profile, did the same on level 2 badge :slight_smile:


joined in June 2016 got my first order in August 2016… next 9 months 200+ orders :smiley: