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Let's share our favorite Freelancer quotes and videos!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking and I decided that we should share some of our favorite freelancer quotes, videos, gifs, or anything else related to it. If you do not have any cool ones, let’s surf the internet and find some!

I found a few illustrated (sarcastic) quotes on a specific website that mostly explains how we feel when buyers ask for specific requests, mostly “free work” and “free samples”.

I think that’s definitely worth taking a look at this entire topic. Feel free to post your own!

Here are some quotes I found by searching on the internet. Check it out!

Got freelancer quotes, gifs, or videos? Post it down below!



Not quite the same but definitely related. I built this off another version I saw. No doubt having it on my pricing pages doesn’t help me get business. I got so tired of being asked to price things with no Brief, but an expectation of ~20 hours work for about $5.

Respect goes both ways. If you don’t respect yourself, nothing (good) happens.