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Let's share our first(1st) order experience and how did you get it?,this will be fun & useful:)


Well I did myself an illegal act in FIVERR which contacting other people asking for orders,lol.Well some people reported me a spam i think and after FIVERR advised me not to do it again and if I do it again,I will be banned:(But one kind person put me an order instantly for my message,that’s how I got my 1st order:)

I was new to FIVERR,so I was excited also,but I managed myself to give a good publicity to it and he ordered 3 times again,I was really happy with it and since then I’m enjoying doing social marketing:D


Well i got my first order just after 6 days,got 100% rating and then orders ,orders & orders…


i got my first order after over a year, the guy submitted his request, i fullfilled to what (i thought) he had wanted, he said it wasnt what he wanted, but didn’t clarify what he really wanted, then i cancelled. haven’t gotten an order since. haha.